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Simple tool for extruding stair. Create flat stair from your plan, convert to poly, select start step and click . Most of stair scripts around are dependent of polygon number order. When you create stair from attaching multiple spline without orderly fashion you will get random polygon order in your editable poly object. This script will sort adjacent polys and save the number in an orderly array before extruding polygons.

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idea from: http://www.scriptspot.com/3ds-max/scripts/stairs-extruder


v0.0.3: (07:33 3/28/2021)

  • No need to pick subobject polygon as firststep anymore.
    Now its done via sorting polys which atleast has 2 verts which are not shared with another poly
  • Fix random missing riser. Thanks to ali shafiee for reporting the bug. Weld all vertices before extruding, also related to object pos from origin
  • Fix nagging messagebox for original object deletion
  • Set 2 materialID for tread and riser
  • set subobjectlevel = 0 if subobject is still on when user create stair otherwise it causes weird viewport artifact
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