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RTTassist is a free MaxScript toolset shaped in a beautiful interface that automates the tedious process of texture baking. It has a wide range of features, but most especially it is designed to give you better user experience! Take a look at some of its main features (to see them in action check the site or the youtube channel):

* Explode all objects using an unique vector so there are no overlapping objects and there is enough space between them.            

* Produce the best quality, normal, Ambient Occlusion and other map types.

* Render using "Smart" , an algorithm that saves rendering time by processing less important objects more quickly.

* Render using the "Isolation" method.

* Batch render multiple files at once.

* Combine all rendered maps together in a single resulting map.

* Create a custom render presets for every need.

* Easy to use interface and "click-of-a-button" workflow.

* LiveLog - Instant visual feedback at every step.


Official site

Youtube channel

Version 1.4 for Max 9

Version 1.6 is available

* Import/Export of projection cage meshes(Use Ctrl + MMB on the Project button). 10x to Joshua Stubbles for the idea.
* New BuildPairs feature that uses the name you can enter in the new BuildPairs Name Field.
* Users can now create a default preset for mray in case they use the built in automatic switch between scanline and mray.For additional information check the help documentation.
* New HideFaces(MR) checkbox is added that allows you to hide the faces of all low-poly objects when rendering.

The new build pairs explained

RMB + Click] = on the BuildPairs button will rename the selected objects by using the text entered in the build pairs text field (located right next to the Build Pairs button). Thisway you have more control over the names of the objects. Check out the help documentation for more in depth information.

Download version 1.6 from official site of RTTAssist.

Version 1.5 is available.

*Source code available.
 *Revamped baking system from ToTex. Special thanks to Sven Fraeys
 *Now it should work on max 2012 (not fully tested, please give us feedback).
 *Hides all faces of low poly objects when MentalRay is used for texture baking.
 *Projection List now shows the number of objects each Low-Poly has in its reference geometry list.

     the version for max9 is still 1.4.  We're going to update that as well soon.


Download version 1.5 from official site of RTTAssist.

Version 1.4 is available.
 The addition to the new version is that now RTTassist can render at once different groups of objects on separate texture maps. All you need to do is to put your objects in different selection sets and when you are ready to render, first click on the "Sel. Set" checkbox located in the Preset Manager drop down menu (a new dialog will pop up asking you to choose exactly which selection sets do you want to render) and then hit the Render button using RMB. 

Also installing the max9 version should execute without problems.


RTTassist version 1.3. is available!

Here is the changelog:
      * new projection spinner is added.
      * saving the scene will no longer store the objects in their exploded state.(Objects will implode on save and will be exploded    back once the save operation is complete.)
       * Combined maps now include properly rendered alpha channel (thanks to DaveWortley and denisT)
       * The issues with the installer are fixed (@Norman3D, @renderhjs, 10x a lot for the tips! )
The new projection spinner explained

LMB + Click = on the spinner arrows will increase or decrease the cage size of all objects by 0,01 step. You can enter an amount directly in the spinner by typing it in.
MMB + Click = will update the auto-wrap option for every projection modifier in the scene.
RMB + Click =  will reset the projection cage for all objects.

RTTAssist v1.2 is available.

- Max9 version of the script now produce correct AO maps without black spots.
- Other minor bug fixes.

 RTTAssist v1.1 is available! It now supports 3dsmax version 9. Here is a list of the additions:

* 3dsmax 9 is now supported.
* Automatic and manual check for updates.
* New "Projection List" dialog showing the Reference Geometry list of all Low-Poly objects in one place.
* Progress bar now show the progress of UV area calculations when using "Smart".
* "Show preview" checkbox added in the "Combine Maps" dialog.


Any comments and ideas are appreciated and will be took into consideration for the future development of RTTassist. (of course, donations are welcome too ) Thanks!


Just drag the MZP file into the 3dsMax viewport. Click on 'Install' , оnce the installation has complete it will start right away.. Go to Customize - Customize User Interface. Under "RTTAssist" category you will find "RTTAssist".

Version Requirement: 
max 9 and up
Other Software Required: 
dotNet 2.0 and up
rttassist_v16.mzp2.55 MB
rttassist_max9_v14.mzp3.07 MB
rttassist_v16_3dsmax2015.mzp2.55 MB


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Im waitin for max 9 to comin,

Im waitin for max 9 to comin, also if Vray support is injected it would be present for me.

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Hey buddy, nice work! Glad to

Hey buddy, nice work!
Glad to see you done and release it.
Its much powerful than I expect, cheers!

my recent MAXScripts RSS (archive here)

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Only few controls are dotNet.

Only few controls are dotNet. The rest are maxscript controls.

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What did you use to build the UI for that?

Is it all dotNet?

John Martini
Digital Artist
http://www.JokerMartini.com (new site)

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Vray support is comming soon.

Vray support is comming soon. :)

titane357's picture

hello is there any reason to

is there any reason to not have vray support ? thanks :-)

miauu's picture

Most of the features works on

Most of the features works on max9,but I have to made more test. :)

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It's a very good and helpful

It's a very good and helpful script. Keep it going and waiting for a max 9 version.

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