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Alexander Kramer (Kstudio)

The new version of Sweep Profile PRO is released.

version 1.01.03

  • Fixes an issue with resetting V-Ray VFB buffer on rendering preview
  • Fixes an issue with execution some commands in 3Ds Max 2022.1

version 1.01.00

  • Adds an ability to use selected edges from Editable Poly
  • Fixes an issue with using in 3Ds Max 2022

version 1.00.36 

  • Adds support to DWG files
  • Adds Spanish localization
  • Fixes an issue with adding a directory with default shapes
  • Fixes some minor issues

version 1.00.28

  • Adds an ability to setup profile before rendering preview
  • Adds Simplified Chinese and French localizations
  • Fixes a bug with using plugin when 3Ds Max uses non-English localization
  • Fixes a bug with crashing when Corona Interactive rendering is running
  • Fixes other some issues

Sweep Profile - Plugin for quick and convenient applying profiles to shape with a modifier Sweep.

PRO version contains 37 prepared for using architectural profiles.

Do you know that you can set the profile size using convenient measurement units?
For example, if in the scene meters or inches are used you can still specify the profile size in millimeters (or other measurement units).
Sweep Profile - dimension units
Additional Info: 
  • Creation/updating of architectural profiles in one click
  • Setting profile dimensions
  • Favorites profiles
  • Adding user profiles to library
  • Supports to DWG files [PRO]
  • Studio for rendering profiles [PRO]
  • Profile’s pivot alignment [PRO]
  • Simplified Chinese, French and Spanish localizations [PRO]
  • Contains 37 prepared to using architectural profiles [PRO]
Version Requirement: 
3ds Max 2014 and above
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crozline's picture

i can't download this script.

i can't download this script. can u send me.

my email add : [email protected]

thx a lot

Kstudio's picture

In case if, for some reason

In case if, for some reason you are unable to download a working zip file I am sending it to you on e-mail.
It same zip package as in site.
Check your mail.
All simple - run the Sweep Profile
You will see all 40 profiles.

airbrush's picture

What are you showing with

What are you showing with this image?? only 24 profiles...the thread mentioned there was 40?
You can get my contact off my signature.

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airbrush's picture

downloaded from the provided

downloaded from the provided link and unzipped the section folder...only 24 in there.
Do you have a newer version available somewhere?link?


Kstudio's picture

unzip the "TrackScripts.mzp"

unzip the "TrackScripts.mzp" and copy the "Section" folder into "scripts\TrackScripts" folder.

airbrush's picture

tried deleting 3dsmax.ini, no

tried deleting 3dsmax.ini, no result, reinstalled, still showing only 24 profiles.
Searched C:\ for next profile p25...nothing.
Sweep version says 0.71 ... not sure what else to try?
windows 7, 64 bit

Kstudio's picture

Wow! 2 folder in


2 folder in one!


Stdplugs and temp must be have two different folder

Maybe you need close the 3ds max and delete 3dsmax.ini file


He can be in 3ds max root directory or in folder in your user account (for example C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Autodesk\3dsmax)

airbrush's picture

I downloaded and reinstalled

I downloaded and reinstalled the script again...still only have 24. Searched on C: for what would be the next profile p25,p26 etc. Only 24 located here:

C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2011\stdplugs$temp\TrackScripts\Section

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