Timeline Addon

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Andreas Meißner

Timeline Addon 2.0.8-42

Adds more functionality to the 3ds Max timeline. You can:

  • adjust timeline start, end, slider and length
  • navigate through frames and keys
  • move, select, align, reverse keys
  • set timeline bookmarks
  • show info about ram and cpu usage
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Version Requirement: 
3ds Max 9 SP2 or higher (I think there will be no Max 8 version, because there are not enough requests)
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lordraidis's picture

As much as I absolutely loved

As much as I absolutely loved this script, dude... this move of yours makes you look like a greedy douche.

I can respect the fact that you put loads of time and work into this, but for fucks sake, this script was free!!! I mean the least you could do give people the option to purchase an "incomplete" version at a reasonable price instead of just sitting on your caboose while a useful tool collects dust. You created a wonderful thing here, you should at least give people the option to use it again instead of just teasing us with it and snatching it away. Sorry, but this sort of crap really gets under my skin.

real08121985's picture

Sorry guys, I dunno when or

Sorry guys, I dunno when or if I will have the time to work on this script again. Currently I spend most of the time on tools for our company and we dont do much animation here.

Timeline Addon 3 was 85% complete when I last touched it, but I would not upload it as a free tool, cause I spend months developing it. I love puting up small tools for free, but this one is quite large with 6000+ lines of code, and donations for the last version were quite rare (1 person donated 10$, thats it. still thanks to this person, I really appreciate the help).

So (if ever) released it would be available for a suitable price, but I dunno if anyone is even interested to spend money on it. Anyway I feel sorry for you guys who liked this tool and miss it, so I wanted to give you at least a feedback.

visualizer's picture


You gave updated version just last week... but still it shows expired!!!


visualizer's picture


I Just tried to install in max 2009. It installed and at the end it displayed "this version has expired"

does it have expiry time set? :(

dsp_418's picture

I believe the beta has

I believe the beta has expired.
I didn't the chance to try it out but hope the new version is on the way.

blackfoxeye's picture

Timeline Addon 3

When the "Timeline Addon 3" will release?

crystal3d's picture

nevermind, found a better one

thanks for the idea though...

Ewok's picture

Expired Version

Hi Andreas,

the Timeline Addon looks cool.
But, unfortunately the download link points to an expired version.

huschi's picture

new Release


do you think that you extend the expiration date please?

Thanks in advance.

munkybutt's picture

Expired :(

Hi Andi,

Big fan of the script, I have an issue where after installing the latest version it says it has expired and does not start up.

Is there any way to fix this.

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