UnwrapUVW Editor AutOOpen

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Nikolay Litvinov

v.2.21 Full TileMap Brightness

Script makes. Скрипт делает
1) Assigns unwrap UVW. Назначается unwrap UVW
2) Disables IgnoreBackFaceCull. Отключается IgnoreBackFaceCull
3) Entry in the UV Editor. Входит в UV Editor
4) Enables Freeform Mode transformations. Включает режим трансформации Freeform
5) Will be set TileMap Brightness = 1

Does not add 2 UnwrapUVW in a row. Works with single button.
Не добавляет 2 UnwrapUVW подряд Работает с одной кнопки

Additional Info: 

Install:Drop *.ms to viewport
Установка:Перетащить *.ms во въюпорт
Автоматически устанавливает текстуру вместо чекера в эдиторе
Automatically sets the texture instead of the checker in the editor
v2.1: supported UnwrapPRO modifier (if it is installed). Correctly work with subobjects.
v2.0: automaticaly selects geometry without shapes.
v1.9.9: Fixed bug of filter objects
v1.9.6: Optimized code and added opportunity when deselect polygons.
v1.9.1: Set mode 1 subobject (vertex)
v1.8: Fixed bugs. Fully revised code, the script works more stable, more versatile, comfortable. Исправлены ошибки. Полностью переработан код скрипт работает стабильней более универсальный, удобный.
Version 1.6: Fixed bugs. Исправлены ошибки.

unwrapuvw_editor_autoenable_v1.6.ms885 bytes
unwrapuvw_editor_autoopen_1.8.ms1.27 KB
unwrapuvw_editor_autoopen_1.9.1.ms1.3 KB
unwrapuvw_editor_autoopen_1.9.6.ms1.34 KB
unwrapuvw_editor_autoopen_1.9.9.ms1.45 KB
unwrapuvw_editor_autoopen_2.0.ms1.36 KB
unwrapuvw_editor_autoopen_2.1upro.ms1.56 KB
unwrapuvw_editor_autoopen_2.2upro.ms1.72 KB
unwrapuvw_editor_autoopen_2.21upro.ms3.55 KB


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Soboleony's picture


Great, like always!
What does it mean "Disable the Ignore backfacing"?
Is it Object Proprerties > Backface Cull?

Nik's picture


The script is thus conceived to open the editor, if you already have the modifier UnwrapUVW

aspartemeart's picture

has got a Issue : )

Hi Nik. Your scripts are wonderful! And I use almost of them. they make my works faster!

By the way. I found this one has little issue that works every things with single button, but not working with combination hot keys such as 'Ctrl+ Shift + V' when Unwrap modifier has been already exists. (Just reopen the editor part.)

would be nice if you solve the issue.


Nik's picture


8839 человек скачали и пользуются, и только у тебя одного не работает. В чём проблема то хоть? Какую ошибку возвращает?
8839 people have downloaded and used, and the only one you have is not working. What is the problem then at least?
What error returns?

desainc's picture

What a waste of script

doesn't work even a bit and also not even a tut to explain of the script is worth or no...

Nik's picture

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