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yane markulev

It is a script inspired by the script of Martin Breidt "overscan" and explained by Peter Guthrie.

It is useful when you have a vray camera and you want to extend the view for example a bit to the left without changing the perspective. The calculation is pretty simple but you can save time and confusion using this script.

Run by simply dragging to you max viewport or through the standard run script etc. It asks you to select a vray camera, takes its focal length and the current resolution width and asks you to input new render width. Then calculates the new focal length of the camera, displays it and if you would like to make the change simply press Apply. It changes only the focal length of the camera and the width of the render even if the aspect ratio is locked or it is set to preset (like HDTV). If you don't like it you can use the script to put back your render width and it will adjust the original focal length.

I have tested blending the new extended render over the old one using layers set on difference and they overlap on 100%.

Hope you like it, if you find any bugs let me know. Use on your own risk :)

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3dsmax 2011, vray
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Thank you

Thanks for the script! I found it quick to use and it saved me time calculating out a new focal length. Much appreciated.

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Handy Script

Great handy script, it works well with my vray camera.


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Adjusting height

Would it be possible to add height adjustment to the script? Many times I found myself in need of adding more height to a render that was supposed to be comped onto a photo and the subject (a building) was too tall for the photo and it would mess my perspective match if I changed the resolution.

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Well, let's say I'm working

Well, let's say I'm working on a large image (7 - 10 thousand pixels) and I'm rendering crop of a relatively small region in full resolution. That's great, but objects are still very small on my viewport so it's difficult to manipulate them. I would use your script to change resolution, for example, 500 pixels less on left, 5000 on the right, etc...
A script that could read region and adjust camera automatically would be fantastic.

Now I'm not even sure if it would be possible to maintain correct perspective. It would probably have to involve adjusting horizontal and vertical shift. What do you think, can it be done? I hope I'll have some time this weekend to check your script and make some tests....

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Hi, thanks for trying it out.

Hi, thanks for trying it out. Well yes actually you can't extend it just to the left as I have written - it works both ways at the same time. About the other request I am not sure if I understand it right but I don't think there could be such a script. May be just render on blow-up mode. Let me know if you need any help with it however :)

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Another similar script


This is very useful script. I've tested it quickly and it works great. But I don't see how can I actually extend the view only in one direction.

For a long time I wanted a similar script that would focus viewport on a 'region' without changing the perspective. Do you think this would be possible? I'll take a look at your code later, but some pointers would surely be helpful...


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