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Lorne Brooks

Allows baking of animation keys on the transform tracks for any selected objects.

Options include:

- Active time range or range limiting with adjustable step size.

- Two bake methods available; Simple and Advanced.

Simple methods:

1) Allows baking of the current motion as you see it for any selected objects.

2) Allows selection of a target object, to bake any selected objects to the motion of that target with optional alignment.

Advanced method allows:

- Assignment of a new shared parent for the selected objects after baking.

- Baking the motion from a picked target object.

- Linking to the picked target object.

- Unlinking from the current parent (if using the target object option).

- Baking the motion from the current parent of each selected object.

- Align the selected objects to either their current parents, a new shared parent, or a target object.


- Objects to be baked can use any type of constraint, parametric controller (e.g. noise), animation layers, or parental linkage.

- All bindings and animation layers will be removed during baking (unless using certain Advanced method options).

- Does not currently support hierarchy preserved baking (e.g. character skeletons).

- Undo buttons available for both methods (essentially it holds the scene when baking then undoing will fetch it back).


Version 1.4;

- UI now remembers its last screen position.

- Added a toolbar icon.

- Converted dialog to a floater with rollouts.

- Added simple bake methods separate from the legacy advanced method. Can now bake just the current motion, or to a picked target with optional alignment to that target object.

- Fixed issues with bake advanced link to target and unlink from current parent.

- General script cleanup & improvements.

Version 1.31 (hotfix);

- Fixed the baking time range settings to update correctly if the range is adjusted in the scene while the UI is open.

Version 1.3;

- Major UI changes; removed redundant buttons and added more features and options.

- Consolidated previously separate bake buttons into one.

- Baking now resets all transform controllers on selected objects to their defaults (PRS, PositionXYZ, RotationXYZ, Scale Bezier).

  This effectively removes any type of constraint, as well as animation layers.

- Added the ability to bake the motion from the current parents of each selected object.

- Added the ability to align to either the current parent, a new parent (shared), or a target object.

- Added a fake undo button (basically it uses a scene hold during the bake process then a fetch when undoing).

Version 1.2;

- Contact email changed.

Version 1.1;

- Recoded script as a struct to minimize global variables.

- Major UI changes.

- Bug fixes.

Version 1.0;

- First release.

Additional Info: 

The script can be found in category “LB Tools”.

The script creates its own macro to be placed as a toolbar icon or a keyboard shortcut added.


Drag the MZP file into your Max viewport.

Files will be copied to...





Version Requirement: 
3dsmax 2010-2021
lbtools_bake_objects.mzp6.52 KB


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figura8's picture


It's lkike 2 day that i'm trying to aling and bake two object...impossible!!
Or it crash or every time that i select an object it give me another one..
No clear at all!!!

ALI3D69's picture


can you update it please?
its not workingwith 2016.
when i opened script and chose evaluate all, nothing happened!

kuang123456's picture

tested in max8 is OK

copy to X:\3dsmax8\Scripts\Startup\

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