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This script collects textures and other files used in the scene in one folder. Check for the same file names.
It is free script.

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check files

This script work with:
- standart materials
- Vray Render
- Corona Render
- Octane Renderer
- Redshift Render
- FStorm Render
- Final Render

for installing select menu Scripting -> Run script... and select dowloaded file. Find it in Customize -> Customize user interface -> Toolbars. Category: Xiruim.

Tested on 3ds max 2016, 2017, 2018, 2020

contact to me e-mail: [email protected]. skype: anton_mor

You can donate for this script

Для русскоязычных есть тема на форуме

Please write if you find errors

I leave old version of scipt (collect_asset_v1.55) because it use other algoritm and work with standart max Asset Tracking. And in some time it can see files, who not see version v2.x

new in v2.099b
- New installer. Now script installed to "Xiruim" category. Old script will be deleted. You need again create a button on you panel
- Update design. Thanks for this users phil_b and LAS
- In settings you can choise a language for hints. English or Russian.
- add class Redshift Sprite
- add a subfolder field
- fix some errors

new in v2.098
- add option for exclude xref files from collecting

new in v2.097
- add support V-ray volume grid files
- add search missing textures in subfolders
- add button "settings"

new in v2.096
- fix error with DotNet

new in v2.095
- add classes for Red Shift render

new in v2.094
- collect LUT from corona camera
- collect BIP files from Biped Motion Flow
- now with function Collect Files + relink, if files already are present in folder then they will be relinked.

new in v2.092
- add some classes for collecting
- add Button "Del RE Paths"

new in v2.09
- add support Final Render
- fix problems with Redshift
- add BitmapHDR class for collecting
- add Strip paths button
- fix some small issues

new in v2.08
- add support FStorm Render and Redshift Render

new in v2.07
- increase speed collecting assets from lights
- fix some errors

new in v2.06
- fix some errors

new in v2.05
- add function to seek textures

new in v2.04
- add Octane render files
- can collect files from ifl sequence
- can collect point cache
- compare files with identical names by checksum
- increase scan assets speed after operations in script
- add checkbox for automatical repeat action in Match Bitmaps window
- add logging
- fix some errors

new in v2.03 - add function "copy max file"

v2.02 - Write new engine for script. Now not use Asset Tracking. Now script work with map classes as VRayBMPFilter, Camera_Map_Per_Pixel. Work with maps in xref files, collect textures and update xref files.
This version not rewrite older version and install as new script in 3ds max.

v1.55 - add function for rename russian symbols to english in file names

v1.54 - add button "Make Archive". Now can make 7zip or zip archive directly from 3ds max

v1.52, v1.53 - fixes some errors

v1.51 - now can collect from selected objects only
           - excludes textures are not used in the scene

v1.5 - now can delete missing paths

v1.4 - fix error with new not saved scene

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collect_asset_v1.55.mzp725.1 KB
collect_asset_v2.07.mzp740.67 KB
collect_asset_v2.096_.mzp744.88 KB
collect_asset_v2.097.mzp745.37 KB
collect_asset_v2.098.mzp745.64 KB
collect_asset_v2.099b.mzp746.48 KB


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lex2306's picture

thank you very much, my

thank you very much, my friend, I saved a lot of time thanks to your woanderful script....great job...

stanley_asbeek's picture

Hey mate, Thanks for this

Hey mate,
Thanks for this script, I'm using it nearly everyday!

I was just wondering if it was possible to add few options :
When we have the "replace", "Use existing" or "rename" options, it does it for each one of the files.
Very useful, but would it be possible to have a option to do it on the whole scene? IE : I often have multi-textures files (like 80-90) and I have to click on each of every file.
Would be great to have a "Replace all", "Use existing All" and "Rename All".

Otherwise I have a few cases where it didn't copy all the files across the new location, where could I send you a file to debug?



ehance's picture

You're not the only one...

Great script Anton, and thanks for keeping this open so we can learn and take things further!


init0's picture


Many thanks for the update!
З.Ы.: Спасибо, земляк!

init0's picture


add feature for the selected objects, plz
Many Thanks!

Luchiano's picture

Great job!!

Thanks!! now i have more time to procrastination!! :)

antomor's picture

re: I'd love to see an asset collector do one fundamental thing

I wrote a script for yourself basically. Now I have no desire to add features that I do not use. Script open source, you can change it by yourself.

mynewcat's picture

I'd love to see an asset collector do one fundamental thing

Please create an option where all assets are put where they supposed to be in the project folder of the currently selected project.

I want all the image files in assets/images

all the mental ray MIB files (and their associated BMP files) in the render assets folder etc.

Am I the only one who uses proper project structures?

JD3D - Bristol Based Freelance 3D & CGI artist

Talpo's picture


this is GREAT!!!

many thanks!!

mahircelik's picture


thank you..

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