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beta v0.54
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Just simple script to paste image form windows clipboard to 3ds MAX (as reference plate)

It can be used to copy paste selected from Photoshop, screenshot or web page

It reads proportion of image and creates plate with correct aspect ratio.
To try:
Drag and drop to 3ds max window

How to install :
use my other script - > Favorite Scripts:
1. Install Favorite Scripts (drag and drop to max)
2. place on toolbar (customize -> category Pixamoon)
3. run Favorite Scripts
4. settings
5. choose your favorite scripts root folder
6. create "IO" or "Edit" folder
7. copy "CopyPasteImage" script there

 - fix - mirrored UV in X or Y
 - creates Plate and BitmapTexture without Real-World Map Size
 - few more fixes - save / load settings
 - fixed error when press OK
 - save settings:
     - change Image temp folder ( small "s" button )
     - opacity
     - dialog position
 - OK and Cancel buttons
 - opacity slider
 - align to X, Y,, Z

Coming soon:
 - paste image files (Ctrl-C on selected jpg in explorer)
 - auto align plate to active vieport
 - scale plate
 - crop
 - collect to project textures folder
 - save / load paste settings from ini file

Let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions,



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pixamoon's picture


oki, thanks for info, I'll try to fix it today.

Is it the same error - while pressing OK ? :

"Error Type - GetDialogPos requires RolloutClass - got undefined" ?

harumscarum's picture

same error with 0.47 version

same error with 0.47 version - only first run in session though

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oki, should be fixed now - v0.47

pixamoon's picture


oki, I think it is reading rollout position on close. I'll fix it today.

harumscarum's picture

thank you!

wow. thanks - working great, but sometimes this error occured when press OK -

pixamoon's picture

re: change folder for screenshots

It should be ready now. Please check v0.45

It saves also dialog position and opacity value.
Enjoy :)

pixamoon's picture

save dir

Hey, good idea, I'll do small save settings button + save opacity and window location.
I should have time later today or tomorrow.

harumscarum's picture

change folder for screenshots

some max tools erase Temp folder regularly so screenshots got lost
could you please make ProjectFolder\sceneassets\images\ for that purpose?

pixamoon's picture


sure, I'll try to do that.
It looks bit complicated but will look at it closer soon...
Thanks !

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May be sketchup is next?

Okay I'm following you and I can see you are making a great job in collaboration between two different application .. So please let me suggest you to do something really great between 3ds Max & SketchUp ..
Everyone know sketchup and how powerful with measurements and drawing precisely so too many people consider to do modeling there then complete the job at 3ds Max and I found that is very annoying when sometime you need to do everything in 3ds max and few things in sketchup so I dream with something like that:
- Right Click on your selected 3d Model at 3ds Max > Edit with Sketchup > Magically Sketchup will open and You do your fun work there then you just save the file > 3ds Max will update the model there automatically

thanks to scriptspot community

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