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0.71 beta
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Chico Hermida

NEW Video!!!

HCG Asset Browser Interface


  • Display thumbnails of your models (an image with the same name of the max file needed )
  • Example models to show how to arrange your own libraries
  • Merge as vrayproxy: convert the model and save .vrmesh
  • Merge on references: the model will replace the selected objects, good to replace autocad blocks
  • Paint mode over surfaces good to vegetations and other models
Additional Info: 

Update 0.71 BETA:

  • Add model button: add a new model with the selected objects in the selected category
  • Add category button: add a new category in the selected category
  • Thumbnail
    render: left click on the thumbnail to render (use the current scene
    renderer) only works with default scanline and Vray. Carefull with the
    renderer settings, this is a Experimental function.
  • Thumbnail render settings
  • Renderer filter settings
  • Refresh was improved
  • Display as box on/off button
  • Corrected the bug when cancel the library path change

How to use:

  • Need a surface to merge the model
  • Click on the thumbnail of  the model to loading this to the scene
  • Select a surface and start to create instances of the model
  • Click: merge the model 1 time
  • Shift + Click: Rotate the model
  • Ctrl pressed: Paint the model on the surface

Change to your library path on preferences, need to refresh after change


  1. Download installation file "HCG_Asset_Browser.rar"
  2. Unzip to root folder of 3ds max
  3. Start 3ds max
  4. Go to Customize>Customize User Interface>Keyboard or Toolbars, Category "HCG", command HCG Asset Browser
  5. Assign a shortcut
  6. Activate the shortcut

Installation Library Example

  1. Download installation file "HCG_Asset_Browser_Library_Example.rar"
  2. Unzip to root folder of 3ds max

Only tested on 3ds max 2009 64bits
Inspired by the Basic Asset Manager by Gavin Greenwalt

User review of HCG Asset Browser(Thanks Bona):


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whereareyou's picture

Oi Chico, o script ta

Oi Chico, o script ta otimoo! vlww!! dos melhores que ja vi para o 3dsmax!! muito massa!! mais mesmo assim, eu sente a falta de algumas coisas que vou numerar aqui pra vc, depois vc vê o que acha e me diz, se for besteira pode deixar pra lá.
1- Possibilidade de max thumbnails? mais pra isso a gente já tem o browser do max né? (acho q essa aqui eh besteira ...)kkk
2- Nomes dos arquivos embaixo das miniaturas, quando a gente bota a imagem o nome vai embora...
3- O gerador de miniaturas tem um vrayplane, sera posivel q gente possa tirar ele ou intao escolher a altura dele em z já q tem modelos q ficam x debaixo. Tb pode não ser uma boa já que a gente deveria ter os modelos no ponto certo né?
4- O modelo quando não esta no centro da cena não da pra gerar a miniatura, isso tb pode ser besteira já q o bom eh a gente ter o modelo no 0,0 né'?
5- Nas categorias, se eu indicar a ruta dos meus arquivos, não posso ver o nome todo da ruta (ex: c;meus documentos/arquivos/3dsmax/modelos3d/cadeiras/cadeirasnovas), esta um pouco atrapalhado isso, tb tem pastas sem arquivos q ficam nas categorias. Era bom poder eliminar essas categorias q não tem nada, do mesmo jeito que tem um botao pra adicionar, outro pra eliminar mais sem eliminar a pasta do hd.
6- Um buscador dentro das categorias, pra achar aquele arquivo, o filtro eh bom, mais to sentindo a falta de um buscador x nome e talz.

Tudo isso é de priguica de nao arrumar pastas novas com rutas pequenas de todas minhas bibliotecas... rsrsrsrsrs...


fajar's picture

yes correct (I already know

yes correct (I already know that,I don't talk about render thumb, I already try render thumbnail,so I know that !) , but that not what I mean with the problem, as I told you earlier the problem is when You have model in DVD ----> merge as proxy (you already know that we can't rewritte/writte in DVD so we must put 3Dproxy to selected partition or folder in HD in order we can save and reuse it overtime)---->scene

The conclusion is " can I merge 3d model in DVD via this script with merge as proxy selected?, maybe also have dialog to tell where to save the proxy so we can reuse that proxy?" as I told you earlier it must be very though to make script that convert proxy --> save it to HD and then direct merge (converted model toproxy) to scene just like in VRay proxy coverter but the the different is this model is still not opened and selected in scene (3dsmax windows)!

this work maybe can do with litle trick, thoug. when you merge model (it's already selected right?) you make a little dialog (maybe launched with button) to ask do you want convert it to proxy (if answer is yes, you launching vray proxy dialog it's already automate to ask where to save it,right?) but then it just double work (just like olday work) if you want to a little automate maybe you can have dialog where to save texture too!

Maybe in next far future generation of this script you can have dialog /or just check button that not only ask where to save the proxy but also collect the proxy's texture itself! heheheheheheheh....... maybe i dream too much!!

Im sorry man to comment you so much!

Francisco Hermida's picture

Fajar: I included in the

Fajar: I included in the last update(0.71) the renderthumbnail function, when you click the left mouse button in the thumbnail, the script will automatic render a image and update the image in the asset, this image will be placed in the same folder of the max file. You told me that you are using a cd/dvd to merge the models, in that case the render thumbnail function can't save the images.

I will revise the code to see if i'm using functions that not works in 3ds max 9.

fajar's picture

Vray 1.5 RC5 and yes I using

Vray 1.5 RC5 and yes I using the latest version which is 0.71.Hey that left click function isn't developed (are you mean in render thumbnail, am I correct?)! which script do you mean thumb.renderer or batch it max!

Francisco Hermida's picture

Fajar: I saw my script


I saw my script startup folder and other scripts using this example of startup, so i did the same, i will see if can improve this! i will try to keep the script working on more versions as i can, don't worry hehe


Are you using the last release 0.71? what was your currently renderer while you are testing the script?

bragibjornson's picture

Chico: Im testing this


Im testing this script, but i cant get the thumbnail renderer to work...

it says "Thumbnail render: left click on the thumbnail to render (use the current scene renderer) only works with default scanline and Vray." in your description, but if i left click on the thumbnail, nothing happens.

running max 2009 - 32bit w/ vray sp2.


fajar's picture

The place of floater is

The place of floater is working great !
Thank man!!

I want to make a little question about your startup script
"what's the point of placing startup script and execute mcr file ? if it's only execute .mcr file, you can just install your script and restart max ,this trick will do as long as you place mcr file to 3dsMax folder install dir/ui/macroscripts and you can acces it in costumize than place it to your own toolbar, if you want make your script run everytime you start max just execute the .mse file,right (i mean like this : fileIn ((getDir #scripts) + "\\Scripts\\HCGAB\\HCGAB.mse")? this trick will open maxscript at 3dsmax start, I think you already know that!"

ehhmmm..... A little request may be, can you make it (the next generation of this script) still run on 3dsMax 9 version , right now I still using it, I know it will need work a little though, I still using Max 9 rather than up version because it work better than latter version (2008,2009) and I only have VRay for this 3dsmax version!


Francisco Hermida's picture

Hi Fajar! 1. The merge as

Hi Fajar!

1. The merge as proxy saves in the same directory of the original .max model i understand the problem with CD /DVD content, i'm going to do a vrayproxy path field in the preference dialog to you specify a place to save the vrayproxy in a custom path. The merge as proxy function is working like you said in HCG Asset Browser, i need to check if i'm used some functions that only works on max 2008 and up.

2. I'm working in a new .net interface, will be much better than this actual interface.

3. The new update included the save dialog position function, don't this working with you?

4. I need to work more on the undo function, maybe i release in the next update

i think i understand what you said, i'm happy because you give more work to improve the script. Hope you understand my english too hehe!


fajar's picture

Hi cicho good to see U again

Hi cicho good to see U again and thank not to bore with me!! I already tried it today, here is some advice from me for your script :

1. The merge as proxy isn't working yet (see attachment)!! Maybe it need dialog to tell where to save vray proxy, with this function it will work user friendly (I hope)! maybe like browse for folder or progrees bar. Hey try this script (batch it Max), this script work batch processing object with script you selected and tell where to save proccesed object (just try it), in this case it maybe will help you to make merge object as proxy working better and have user interface too, you just have to make script select all object in scene (model resource that will merge in), attach it it together but leave it have material ID (soulburn script (attachSelectedObjects))maybe and convert it to vraymesh/mentalray proxy scripts. I know it's look very though! the problem here is maybe when you try to merge processed object to scene because it's in different location not in the same folder (in this case Ill try to merge model that I put on DVD, processed it, put in HD and merge it to scene I worked on)! wuffffff......

2. The interface is still to big (I know this script is try to re-script just like tress collection v2.00 in rendermask video demo) don't get mad if you don't....hehehehe

3. Can U make it appear not in center of screen like rappa tool do!? (createDialog blabla "HCGB" pos:[X,Y] or get position from ini file and load it, if not correct as ini, tell it to place in left or right side of screen)

4. I see this script maybe still doesn't have undo function (undo "label" on), correct me if I'm wrong!

I hope U understand what I'm talking about couse my bad english can make u really confused!

Thank a lot for listening!!

upload to scriptspot_1.jpg 174.6 KB
PEN_batchItMax.ms 12.81 KB
Francisco Hermida's picture

Fajar, please keep posting

Fajar, please keep posting your comments, they are very important to me. Test the script to see if it will work properly, i'm spending all my time in this script and suggestions are always welcome

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