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0.71 beta
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Chico Hermida

NEW Video!!!

HCG Asset Browser Interface


  • Display thumbnails of your models (an image with the same name of the max file needed )
  • Example models to show how to arrange your own libraries
  • Merge as vrayproxy: convert the model and save .vrmesh
  • Merge on references: the model will replace the selected objects, good to replace autocad blocks
  • Paint mode over surfaces good to vegetations and other models
Additional Info: 

Update 0.71 BETA:

  • Add model button: add a new model with the selected objects in the selected category
  • Add category button: add a new category in the selected category
  • Thumbnail
    render: left click on the thumbnail to render (use the current scene
    renderer) only works with default scanline and Vray. Carefull with the
    renderer settings, this is a Experimental function.
  • Thumbnail render settings
  • Renderer filter settings
  • Refresh was improved
  • Display as box on/off button
  • Corrected the bug when cancel the library path change

How to use:

  • Need a surface to merge the model
  • Click on the thumbnail of  the model to loading this to the scene
  • Select a surface and start to create instances of the model
  • Click: merge the model 1 time
  • Shift + Click: Rotate the model
  • Ctrl pressed: Paint the model on the surface

Change to your library path on preferences, need to refresh after change


  1. Download installation file "HCG_Asset_Browser.rar"
  2. Unzip to root folder of 3ds max
  3. Start 3ds max
  4. Go to Customize>Customize User Interface>Keyboard or Toolbars, Category "HCG", command HCG Asset Browser
  5. Assign a shortcut
  6. Activate the shortcut

Installation Library Example

  1. Download installation file "HCG_Asset_Browser_Library_Example.rar"
  2. Unzip to root folder of 3ds max

Only tested on 3ds max 2009 64bits
Inspired by the Basic Asset Manager by Gavin Greenwalt

User review of HCG Asset Browser(Thanks Bona):


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fajar's picture

Good job bro thank for

Good job bro thank for listening and your script!! I'll try it tommorow and send you my feed back as soon as I can , I hope you dont bore with me........hahahahah! right now I only use 3dsMax 9-32bit and Vray RC5.

fajar's picture

I'll waiting for it!! thanks

I'll waiting for it!! thanks for information!

Francisco Hermida's picture

Fajar: i did new features to

Fajar: i did new features to the script, i'm testing to find bugs, and i want to release a update on the next week.

new features:
- thumb generator
- auto set pivot on merged models (with settings)

it's just the beginning

thanks for your interest :)

fajar's picture

any new progrees of it now ?

any new progrees of it now ? Im just curious. Can't wait the final result !!

Francisco Hermida's picture

fajar: because my script

fajar: because my script doesn't have a loading bar, if you try to merge a heavy model this will take a while to do all internal steps to convert this to a vrayproxy. If your problem isn't this please explain with more details what is happening.

fajar's picture

OK I'll wait your

OK I'll wait your script!
Hey Chico Hermida I try merge as proxy but why my viewport not display anything!!? can you explain!

Francisco Hermida's picture

fajar: to change the library

fajar: to change the library path you need to use the preferences, and change the path to your own library.
Thank you for the script to renderthumbnail, i'm going to see how this script works, but i'm finishing my own version of this function.


Francisco Hermida's picture

- Dynamic rollout: i don't

- Dynamic rollout: i don't know yet a way to do this with the listview/treeview (displaying images), but i really think this change will speed up a lot the script.
- Dysplay as box button: i will try this to see if works well, and i will activate the checkbox on the merge settings to you paint the models with automatic display as box.

- browse button: going to fix this! have some other minors bugs.
- Refresh button: yes this is a bug, but i m changing the script to don't need to refresh after some changes, and to be in the same category when refresh
- the button to add objects is disactivated, im finishing this function, very important function :)

Marco Brunetta thank you very much for the comment, i never could think to be in this position (receiving a comment about a script), but after you released the matmanager script i started to study maxscript to try to do something like you did, and today i can enjoy this new skill, i'm very beginner and the work will be hard to finish all the things

Going to post a todo list and update this with the comments.


fajar's picture

I think for batch render the

I think for batch render the thumb you can use automatic render
I forgot where I got it!!

Renderthumbnail.ms 9.37 KB
fajar's picture

hey man can i add some

hey man can i add some libarary from diferent partion!
like browse wheere your library function!

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