Key Transfer

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John "Joker" Martini & Andru Phoenix
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Key Transfer
- Copies keys from one object to another
- Copies individual object transform keys from position, rotation, and scale to other objects
- Randomly offsets keys in the timeline based off desired settings
- Keyframe offset variation in the timeline using custom min and max values
- Delete all keys of selected objects

- Control offsetting of keys and animation based on objects proximity relation to desired object
- Type of delay easing
- Grouping objects based on units
- Set desired animation time duration
- Delay stagger control
- Copy keys based on Relative or Absolute transform properties
- Visibility option
- Updated instructions and credits

- New & Improved Collapsible UI
- Local Linear Sorting (X,Y,Z)
- Live Preview of Groups
- Reverse Object Order of Stagger

Things to do.....a lot of work is being put into updating this script with a handful of new functions and controls. Be sure to check back often for updates!

I hope you find this as useful as I do. This is open source and free for anyone to add to.

Please post a link to anything you to with the script. I'd like to see what you come up with. I think this script could grow into something pretty interesting.

Version Requirement: 
Max 5+
Other Software Required: 
3ds Max
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KeyTransfer1.06.ms34.54 KB


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This one will save me time

This one will save me time thanks.

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Any chance to have it for max 2021?

Any chance to have it for max 2021? Or if you know something similar?

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thanks a lot. you solved my problem.

HamedAnimo's picture


I run the script and nothing happened but just a blue false on the maxscript listener. can you help me get this gold piece script working?

JokerMartini's picture

I would suggest you check out

I would suggest you check out the newer version of this

John Martini
Digital Artist (new site)

minky's picture

Looks fantastic - but I get an error

Using this in Max 2015. Not sure where I'm doing wrong, suspect it is a simple script issue but lacking experience I have no idea how to fix it.
I pick the animated object, then pick the target object, set the axis/ rotation settings, but when I click "Transfer Animation" every time it throws the exception "Unknown property: "x_position in undefined" - or it will be "y_position in undefined" or "x_rotation in undefined", depending on whatever axis to transfer is selected first.

If anyone has any clues on how to fix this or any similar which work in Max 2015, that would be really helpful! Thanks.

skeay's picture

This is a great script &

This is a great script & thanks for sharing it. I have a query :
Can you tell me how to know the order it applies the transfer to?
(I get the feeling this is a really basic fundamental of max I'm missing the point of?!)
Eg. I transfer the visibility of an object to an array of copied objects, when timeline scrubbed the visibility appears randomly, how can I ensure it goes in a line?

mark pigott's picture

confirmed that this script

confirmed that this script will not work with spring controller on position

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Proximity doesn't work for me

Proximity doesn't work for me at all or I'm doing something wrong... :/ I was following the first video but I'm not sure any of the advanced options work. I'm using max 2015

EDIT: never mind, I didn't understand how groups worked, now I kind of get it...

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The new Keytransfer has been released. Check it out at

ATK is a compact suite of modular tools to rig, copy and manipulate animation in a few clicks, without plug-in dependency. There is no need for extra licenses because ATK uses methods native to 3DS Max, so it can easily fit into any production pipeline.

Check out the free lite version today!

3DS MAX (2010-2014)

John Martini
Digital Artist (new site)

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