Max_Retopo 1.5

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Mohab Gamal

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1.5 version
Should've been uploaded at least 3 years ago
Sorry for that

--------Under Brush Mode -----------------

-press alt and click near the verts to move them
-select Edge by pressing Shift
-Click after Selecting and it will extend the edge
-Selecting an Edge and then pressing Ctrl and selecting another one will bridge or
weld them
-Smart E is a feature to auto select the suitable edges for extending and
then clicking will extend them all
-there is a vertex color option to aid in working ... try it :)
-press F2 to toggle "Shade selected faces" or this option will not be helpful
-modifier keys at the bottom change the functions of alt , Ctrl , Shft
play with them .. some of them for collapsing edge rings and for removing edge loop

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max_retopo_1.5__beta.rar94.63 KB
Max_Retopo.rar95.27 KB


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Thanks mate for the script.

Thanks mate for the script. Thats all I ever wanted! a way to have the mesh conform to the hi poly, no fuss, no fansy tools and most importantly its free :D

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 noel_d3 if i get what you


if i get what you mean 

 LiveMesh is a way to relax TheSource over the target ... you can do that for the whole or part of the mesg depending on your selection .

when you reach a desired result , deselect the SO element or deactivate LiveMesh .

as for previewing higher density mesh , you can activate the Nurms , or add a TurboSmooth on top , however i wouldn't compare a script with a stand-alone Application .




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Topology with smooth is the

Topology with smooth is the only way :

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no worries and thanks for

no worries and thanks for your reply. Keep on the good job.Smile

"Will scan for food"

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renderhjs totally agree on


totally agree on the Edit_poly modifier issue , its frustrating to have less options !

however , when i look at it , it opens lots of possibilities , what if a guy is stacking 3 edit_poly modifier for Whatever reason ? 

what if he suddenly changes the order of the stack , rename the mdifiers ..etc ? 



- as for the second question .. i don't mind publishing the MS file not the mse , but 

unforunately i Can't 

i Can simply answer the Voxel question with yes or no , but i don't think this will be of any help 

-my original intention was to build a voxel grid in C# , compile a dll and stream the data between maxscript and the assembly 

the problem with that is the speed will be capped by maxscript speed , so .. i didn't do it . 

to tell what i can tell ... this script is simpler than most people think , its only using what is available in maxscript to work . 

there is no extensive calculations , math , algorithms on my side .. its a simple thing used in a strange way . 





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jrulier when autodesk


when autodesk changes the SDK or change the compiler version of visual studio .. plugins need to be recompiled to work properly . (c++ plugins)

however , even if none of those happen , every max version has fixes or additions regarding maxscript it self , and hence even if plugins may be compatible , scripts may not ! 


to be honest , i didn't dig this much .. but may be it is possible to make this tool work on max 9 , unforunately  i don't have max 9 now


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well first off again - very

well first off again - very nice script I recommended it my other colleagues as well.
Why I would like to have editPoly modifier support? - simply because it allows me to work in a more complex way without destroying previous levels/layers of the model. I can always reduce the modifier stack to 1 editable poly base object.

another question though if you don't mind:
obviously you don't use camera or perspective rays in order to project the selection - did you by chance used a voxel quadtree?

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Thanks anyway. Funny because

Thanks anyway. Funny because scripts and plugins that work with 2008 are doing fine in 9. I was curious about your process. I am using Topogun at the moment to retop and I must confess it is a great tool. I am looking forward to get my hands on Wrapit too.

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unforunately , only 2008 and

unforunately , only 2008 and higher


jrulier's picture

it seems it does not work

it seems it does not work with Max 9, am I right?

"Will scan for food"

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