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PolyUnwrapper is a complete set of professional tools designed for the texture artists, especially for the architectural and game industries.

It contains plenty of features that will greatly help you improve your unwrapping workflow.



Main Features Features

  • Multi Stitch. Stitch Multiple Shells at once
  • Custom Packing algorithm and tools
  • Tool for matching the Shells Width and Height
  • Easy Grid Spacing
  • Render UV Tiles (UDIM)
  • Cycle Checker map
  • PolyUnwrapper Toolbar now keeps on top of the Unwrap Editor
  • Render Open Edges
Version Requirement: 
3ds Max 2014 - 2021
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milie's picture

Ring and Align

Hey again,

Could you implement ring & align vertical/horizontal please ?
Right now only loop & align is available (Shift+Button) so maybe a Ctrl+Button could do a ring and align.


ring_and_align.jpg 44.13 KB
PolyTools3D's picture

Thank you headd for the

Thank you headd for the suggestion. It can definitely be done and I will look into it for the next release.

milie's picture

Orient UVs to world


Is there any way to implement a rotation/align of UV shells based on world rotation ?

This will allow better textures from programs like DDO that base their output on UV shells orientation, for things that require direction like leaks and such.
Even for overlaying a texture in Photoshop will help because all shells will be aligned properly and no weird directions of leaks will be seen on the 3d model.

There are standalone tools that allow this kind of rotation, like "Initial Orientat" in Unfold3D or "Align to Vertical" in UVLayout.

Thanks :)

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Oh thank you! I found it

Oh thank you! I found it deeply in my spam folder on an old mail which was used for purchasing the product.Now issue is solved


PolyTools3D's picture

Hello Andrew

Hello Andrew,

There have been 8 updates since version 4.0.3. If you have not received any of the update emails, there must be a problem with your email address.

Please send me an email and I will be glad to assist you.
Thank you!

Andrew Salov's picture


Hello!Can`t figure out how to update from 4.0.3 to the last version.On web page I found only demo version.Is it possible to do it or I missed something?

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PolyUnwrapper v4.3.0 Update - Released

What's New

- Modified code to work with 3ds Max 2018 update 2 that crashed due to some removed Unwrap modifier features
- Fixed Clear Pelt Seams to work in Max 2018.2
- Fixed Select Pelt Seams to work in Max 2018.2
- Fixed Shift Cylindrical Textures to work in Max 2018.2
- Fixed Multi-Stitch to work on Max 2018.2

PolyTools3D's picture

PolyUnwrapper v4.2.9 Update - Released

What's New

+ NEW Rotate Shells now supports float values
- Fixed About Dialog not opening
- Fixed bug in Max 2010 for some dialogs not opening

PolyTools3D's picture

PolyUnwrapper v4.2.8 Update - Released

What's New

+ NEW Added Support for 3ds Max 2018

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PolyUnwrapper v4.2.7 Demo Released

A fully functional, 30 days Trial version of PolyUnwrapper 4.2.7 is now available for download

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