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Ivan Tepavicharov

Render different types of masks (Luminance, RGB, Reflection, Lights/Shadows, ObjectsID, SSS, Texture, AO, ZDepth, Specular, Refraction). The script don't affect the scene materials, lights and render settings.
(this version support only V-Ray render engine)

 Version: 5.90.0

  • add support "V-Ray Next" (this version support only V-Ray render engine)


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Category "IllusionBoxStudio"

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3dsmax 2012 - 2019


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Please do like Ivan suggested in his previous post.

You will need to go to Render mask Right Click-Edit Script

Then you will need to go to the top bar Search-Go to- in the Destination line type in 933

Replace the line with this one
theMultiMat[theMultiMat.materialIDList[m]].opacity_texmap = OpacityMap[1]

Then on your Macroscript window go File-Save and close the editor


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Deadline 10.7

Hello! I have to say that I really like RenderMask and find it so much useful, saved me a lot of time and I have to thank you very much for it. I am thankful that there are people like you and I hope to share many things that I make in future.
I have a small question. Is it possible for you to make it work in Deadline Repository 10.7? :) It would help me a lot. I really don't know how it works or if it is much work, but I had to ask at least.

Thank you very much in advance!


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Opacity Bug

Hi Ivan,

We are having the problem with the opacity map. Whenever we switch it on script crushes and comes up with the same error as previously reported "Unknown property: "opacityMap" in VrayLightMtl:VrayLightMtl"

After the crash the file becomes corrupt and when rendering normally it renders only Black & white (As if it was rendering masks)

Would be great if you had a look at this!

We only experience it in Max 2019, Vray 3.6 & new Rendermask

Much appreciated.

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Keep OpacityMap Bug


When I try to render a simple luminance mask of a tree which has "OpacityMap", I tick the "Keep OpacityMap" and hit the render mask button. Nothing happens and even the 3ds Max objects become unclickable.

What could be the reason or solution? Thank you for your help in advance! (2019 3ds Max - Vray Next)

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any update on this one?

any update on this one? Struggling to get it to work with VRay 3.6 in Max2019 also


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Looks like the script may

Looks like the script may have added a state set, but I dont know how to remove it

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1 Mask done, then black after that


Thanks for the script. I'm on Max 2019 and VRay Next. I rendered 1 mask fine and saved out an EXR. Then closed the script. Then I want to carry on with normal, but it renders black as if I still have the mask active

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ok, thanks a lot for this

ok, thanks a lot for this report. if you want you may replace this line with this:

theMultiMat[theMultiMat.materialIDList[m]].opacity_texmap = OpacityMap[1]

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Thanks a lot!

for updating the script!

Fo me it works perfectly. Only one minor issue: When a selected object has a multmaterial with a submaterial containing a falloff map in the opacity slot the script crashes with "Unknown property: "opacityMap" in VrayLightMtl:VrayLightMtl"
The script opens with line 933 highlighted:
theMultiMat[theMultiMat.materialIDList[m]].opacityMap = OpacityMap[1]

Thanks again
g. Lab

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