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Alessandro Ardolino

This script creates stone walls, quad stones pavements and irregular stone patterns for various uses. It's suitable for both realtime and production.

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aa_stonePlacementTools 1.0 for 3dStudio Max

this script collects some utilities for the creation of stone walls, stone pavements and an irregular stone pattern to simulate both walls and floors.

the script automatically bakes normal maps, AO maps and height maps for realtime use.

the images from the video are rendering of some script-generated patterns, without any material, only postproduction and compositing.

the script is now available for download!
tha script can be used for both personal and commercial purpose,
I you like it and found it useful, just let me know and let me see
some results :)

Please refer to the video to see almost all the features in action.

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aa_stoneplacementtools.zip53.62 KB


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Installing ?


How do u install it ? I try run/drag and nothing happens... What category is it?

JCR2011's picture

This is amazing! Thanks for

This is amazing! Thanks for writing this and I hope there will be version 2 someday :)

alanvava's picture

I like it

Very nice and easy to work

arq_pelr's picture


I am new to the 3D and download the plugin.
Please tell me exactly where to put the content folder?
Will place the script in the scripts folder of 3ds max. thanks, I hope your answer.

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First of all this is a fantastic script...the only problem is I really have no idea how to use it properly. I've figured out how to make high poly walls with stones etc. However, I don't know how to bake it and make it a low poly wall instead... Does anyone have a step by step method to do this?

Much obliged...


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missing script

ciao, volevo utilizzare lo script, ma dice missing script quando cerco di scaricarlo, è hostato da qualche altra parte? oppure potresti inviarmelo tramite mail a [email protected]? sarebbe davvero fantastico! grazie mille anticipatamente!

alelink's picture

below in the comments there's

below in the comments there's the solution to your issues.

andrerosh's picture

don't work

great script, but don't work. I'm trying to lunch, and getting error like

please help!

alelink's picture

Hi Shawn, thank you for your

Hi Shawn,
thank you for your suggestions.

for the naming part and the selection sets there will be no problems for the next release.
on the building's not so simple to implement, but I'm thinking about it... :)

thanks again,

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Feature Requests

This is a great script! It would be nice if you could pick a path (or set of paths) for the wall to build along. That way you can have walls that intersect realistically.

I also noticed that if you build a wall in the scene but later open the tool, your original wall is replaced by the new wall grid. It would be convenient to have the tool not do that or, at the least, make it an option rather than the only way.

Being able to give the new wall a name would also be good. Right now, if I build a wall in the scene, the blocks are named such: stoneBox001, stoneBox002, stoneBox003, etc. You should be able to prefix the walls with a name so if I am building the Front Wall, I can call this new wall "Front Wall" and all the blocks will be named "Front Wall stoneBox001", etc.

Another good idea would be to have a checkbox that will automatically create a selection set for the wall that matches the Wall Name. In the case above, there would be a new selection set called "Front Wall" that will automatically select the blocks that are part of that wall.

Just some ideas and food for thought.

Nice script!

Shawn Olson

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