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Ian Clemmer



V-MOTION - SF Elements // Superflow Motion Designer Toolkit //


Developed by:

* Ian Clemmer

Programmed by:

* Panayot Karabakalov (Anubis)

* Raphael Steves

* Ian Clemmer


* Price: €139 / $199
* Quantumflow Family Member
* Advanced Superflow Algorithm
* Complex Hierarchy and Pivoting System
* Procedural Scale/Translation/Rotation Controller
* Intuitive User Interface
* Efficient Animation Workflow
* Realtime Wireframe Controller
* *NEW* Advanced "Zebra" Selection System
* Realtime Spline Rig
* Spline Baking System
* Smart Array
* Particle Generator (Pflow Compatible)
* *NEW* Multiple Superflow Systems Support

Superflow Original ( (Free Script) has gotten over 32K hits and 280 points in just over 12 months, a rating putting it in the TOP 20 most popular scripts of of all time! Imagine what you will be able to create with SF Elements.

One commercial project, one piece of art, and you have your money back.










SF Elements is the main player of V-Motion, bringing the finest of motion design to the 3ds Max community, a missing link up until now. The superflow algorithm allows infinite possibilities and is a perfect companion for any motion designer, visual fx artist and studio in the entertainment industry, allowing the creation of unique and one of a kind animations, structures and designs. This tool has been tested for maximum efficiency and designed for a truly unique workflow. Over 1 year of Research and Development has gone into this product. V-Motion is proud to bring back the power of SF Elements. A realtime Wireframe Spline Rig System (nowhere else available)is included to create organic or mechanical looks which work together with the object and particle setups you will be creating. Even better, you can bake the Spline Rig or quickly create splines based on the trajectory of your object, which 99% of the time result in amazingly beautiful smooth or linear shapes. On top of all that is the Smart Array, a tool specifically designed to speed up the workflow, allowing you to quickly clone mesh or point/dummy helpers, scatter and distribute them on splines or the vertices of other geometry with the goal of quickly creating arrays of objects to work with, saving you hours of setting up template scenes. Enjoy the new world of Motion Design inside 3ds Max that SF Elements is now making possible.

*NEW* Version 1.5

- includes support for working with multiple superflow systems in the same scene
- advanced selection systems for even more powerful spline creations
- friendly new user interface

Price: Single License €139 / $199 // or Audio-Visual Bundle for €207 ($299), that's SF elements, AF SplineSync and AF SpaceTravel, the most unique motion graphics software ever made for 3ds Max!

--All updates up to version 1.9x are at no extra charge!--

Full version will be sent after purchase with hardware license.

Additional Info: 

History: Over two years have passed since the discovery of the Superflow Algorithm in October 23, 2009, and all the knowledge gained in the research & development phase since then has flown into SF Elements and is continuing to shape the product range of V-MOTION.
Installation Instructions: Drop the *.mzp in your viewport, go to Customize UI –> Toolbars and look under V-MOTION Category for SF Elements, drag this in your toolbar. Send request files to [email protected]. You will receive a .lic file which you put in the V-MOTION folder, and you're good to go!

See Tutorial for further instructions.


Version Requirement: 
Max 2008 or higher with Admin Rights for License Activation
Other Software Required: 
Mind & Soul
Video URL: 


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nauhfx's picture

Is there any way to purchase

Is there any way to purchase this plugin?

didiridou's picture

Cannot Find Script

Hi, where can I find this script please?

ArchGrasshopper's picture


Hello, I am really excited to use this script but I am extremlt frustrated because I can not install it on 3ds max. I have looked around online and I seem to be doing everything correctlty yet I can't use it. This is what I am currently doing (also I am using 3ds max 2014).
1)Launch program
2)Go to "MAXscript"
3)Run script
4)Select "V-MOTION_SF_Original"
5)Go to Customize UI
6)Look for the script and I cant find it anywhere! I dont get it!

From all my research that is what needs to be done in order to install a .MS script but it is not working. I go to category section and look for V-Motion like it says on the website and there is no V-Motion. I have looked at each individual option in there to see if I can find something close to V-Motion or Superflow and nothing. Please help me out anyone. I have a project due on monday and have been working on it since last wednesday and I really do think this script can help be come up with some nice data visualization.

Thanks in advance


rezoloot's picture


Love your work, love the fact you have a family at home as well, have the same setup and it gives me a boost to know there's others with a family working hard out there..

Thanks and keep up the great work

zahron1975's picture

problem urgent solution

I have paid for SFElements but I cannot download it
please can any one help me

W DIGITAL's picture


It works in Max 2013, but there has been an issue with licensing in the latest version of 3ds Max, why exactly Jonk couldnt authorize I am not sure. But we even got that working.

We also helped Jonk get the pflow feature working in 3dsmax, position object - on all vertices by ID - in max 2013 position object vertices is random. This is a complete seperate issue from Superflow Elements, but we got it working nonetheless, by using a scene from an older max version, you can use the position object - vertices feature of pflow that works on IDs and not randomly.

We are afraid that Jonk has been confused and does not realize, the issue he is talking about is something we need to address to Autodesk, why Pflow Position Object operator on vertice distribution works different in the latest version.

We spent lots of time for Jonk, but all we get is complaining.

Sorry Jonk, we fixed the issue for you, spent lots of time for support.

If you insisted on buying the product for a technique you saw in a video, we recommend talking to the company first before making a purchase and getting your license. We could have tried this technique for you, before your purchase(it's not our fault that new versions of 3dsmax works differently) to let you know if it works the way it does.

The hours we spent on support is 10x the price you paid, if we would have charged an hourly rate. But all this for free.

There is so much you can do with this tool you now have, we hope you will discover the beautiful possibilities it opens up.

jonathank's picture

NOT currently compatible with 2013

I purchased this after watching some of the Superflow videos. I wish I had been aware that Superflow and 3DS Max 2013 do not get on. The software is very buggy, took hours to get working and using Particle Flow does not work at all, (my main reason for making a purchase). Very disappointing.

rbetin's picture

Superflow Elements version 1.5


Is there a Superflow Elements version 1.5 downloadable in trial mode ?



W DIGITAL's picture

Version 1.5 is out!

We are happy to announce Superflow Elements has been updated to version 1.5!

New features include support for multiple superflow systems in one scene, new and advanced selection sets compared to previous zebra selection methods, and a new more friendly user interface!

W DIGITAL's picture

We are proud to announce

We are proud to announce Version 1.4 has been released.

A full documentation is being started and included, and more tutorials coming soon.

Watch our for upcoming realflow plugins as well!

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