VFB+ : A Feature-rich Extension to the 3dsmax Frame Buffer

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VFB+ v2.81 is now completely free!

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 Introducing VFB+ v2.81, the advanced virtual frame buffer for Autodesk 3dsmax.

VFB+ works with any renderer which uses the native 3dsmax frame buffer, such as Scanline, Mental Ray, Final Render, IRay, VRay, Corona (when not using the renderer's custom VFB).

The frame buffer has been designed and heavily tested to fit smoothly into any production pipeline, and to streamline the rendering workflow for anyone who renders in 3dsmax.

Version 2.8 is the most powerful and feature packed release yet!

A partial list of features:

  • 32-bit per channel color correction.
  • Various correction controls including exposure, gamma, multi-channel curves, vignette, chromatic aberration, bloom, glare, blur/sharpen, speckle reduction, noise reduction, etc.
  • Depth of Field based on Z-Depth.
  • VFB+ is active while rendering, including tweaking of color correction and stamping.
  • Captures Render Elements, G-Buffer channels, and RTT elements as well as the main pass.
  • Composition guides help you tweak your image.
  • Pixel Aspect Ratio correction display.
  • 4 different A|B comparison modes.
  • Display modes for all channels.
  • Support for 3D color LUTs.
  • Realtime RGB Histogram.
  • Rich WYSIWYG stamping system with virtually any imaginable variable including arbitrary MAXScript expressions.
  • Fully documented.
  • Customizable interoperability options.
  • MAXScript interface provides access to almost all features.

See the link for download and complete details.

Version Requirement: 
3dsmax 2009-2018
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su37's picture

Tif format file save Slowly

Tif format file save Slowly ,set jpg file format

su37's picture

Thanks you,your script is

Thanks you,your script is very useful,Thanks.
A suggestion,Tif format file is too large ,in Settings dialog box,
set save file format ,for example :jpg 、tif、tga。

Electro Magnetic's picture

thank you man your script

thank you man
your script make me very happy
i will wait for next one
about error when give me error again i will capture my screen and give you the capture
many thanks

mustafa mamdouh's picture

one of best scripts this year

one of best scripts this year .. thanks for your time you made to develop it more and more :)

thanks to scriptspot community

rotem's picture

Version 1.4 Released!

See main post for change log.
For all those wishing for a frame stamper, I will start working on it for the next release :)

rotem's picture

Thank you for your support :)

Thank you for your support :)

wobi's picture


Thanks for this man. This is really an awesome addition to the rendered frame window. These are the things I want to see from autodesk, really. To bad, that they don't get it and someone like you have to spend there free time creating this. Keep up the good work!!!

rotem's picture


Thanks for your feedback! I am happy to hear you find it useful.

about frame stamp: I will work on it, not for the closest version, but the one after that.

about error: can you please post the exact steps how to trigger the error? It will help me to find the source.

Electro Magnetic's picture


incredible man
i loved 3ds more because your script
really really amazing script
thank you very
i hope you can add one more thing to this amazing script
add stamp like vray frame buffer
in the bottom of the render frame
and let's say to this option (the water mark of the artiste)
i think it's better and i hope i can see it on the next release
again thank you very very much

by the way sometime the render window give me error in max 2012 x64 the render window is white and big red X. max tell me the error in net framework !?
after i change to normal frame buffer screen scan line or mr i got my render well
i hope you can fix it brother
greeting from egypt

rotem's picture

you're right, it is annoying

you're right, it is annoying to have to turn split mode on every time. I'll try to make it sticky.

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