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Andras Onodi | ZOA

Select a bunch of objects and put unique nodes to a specified directory as separate max files with the related vrayproxy data saved next to it.
Istance copies will be replaced with the new vrayproxy object.
Get previously saved objects back to max whenever you wish.

User Interface

Additional Info: 

-Instanced objects must end "kakimaki00" or "kakimaki_00". Any numbers is accepted at the end.
-If exporting instances: "objectname_xx" will be exported as objectname.max - without the numbers
-Don't use the name "objectname_xy" if it's not an instance of "objectname_xz". Ohterwise the script will try to overwrite the "objectname.max" file.
-Reference copys not supported yet. They do make the script crcash!
-Never Tested on groups
-Trying to get a maxobject back to an invisible layer doesn't work yet.
-While using the vrmeshes (I mean they are being used in current renders) the vrmesh files cannot be overwritten. I suggest to use two different folders to export to.

Revision History:
_v 1.22 - 19.04.2018 - Solved a bug when pressing "no" on overwrite
_v 1.20 - 02.09.2011 - new simplified UI, works with linked objects, works with any numberings, wire colors stay the same, local separators can be "_","-",".", " ", project path is being remembered (Thanks for the fixes Andras Miklos!!!)
_v 1.01 - 28.01.2010 - Minor bugfixes: fixed the mysterious kakimaki-bug, fixed the path-paste bug.
_v 1.00 - 22.01.2010 - Added The "Back To Max" Function, Added filtering for geometry/vrayproxy objects to avoid crashes
_v 0.12 - 20.01.2010 - Added postexport functions: show as box, selects the newly created objects
_v 0.11 - 19.01.2010 - Added functionality for "bunch of objects selection" - added the unique_list filter
_v 0.10 - 18.01.2010 - Created the original script for saving 1 object to a vrayproxy and replacing the related instances

First script that I have uploaded. Please be patient! :)
Any ideas and critiques are greatly appreciated!


Version Requirement: 
tested on max2016


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Another Bug

Does not save to default path. I would like to specify my default path

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Thank You

Good work. Thank You!

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I updated the script. Can you check whether it works for you as well?

András Onodi - CEO @ ZOA Architectural Animation & 3D Rendering
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One Bug

Hi Onodi Andras. Very good script, but there is one bug: When the question:"Overwrite?" If you click cancel, the program starts to generate errors and glitch.

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Hi Onodi

Works great for me! already testet on another big project. I have also added a function for keeping object ID. That was quite easy for me to put this in script.
Thanks again!

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New Update available: ProxySwitcher v1.20

Hello Tomas,

Andras Miklos Balogh helped me out with this one. He always does. He is a genius. (btw: check out his teamwork script for large scenes too!)
New version features:
-new simplified UI
-works with linked objects
-works with any numberings
-wire colors stay the same
-local separators can be "_","-",".", " "
-project path is being remembered

Let me know if it works for you!

András Onodi - CEO @ ZOA Architectural Animation & 3D Rendering
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Hi Onodi

Thanks for reply. I am sorry for many ideas...i know. It is impossible to satisfy everybody...i know. Especially me :D
Actually the most important update for me/us now is solve that problem with linked objects. We have done massive scene - 100km square size, a lots of buildings, trees and so one...Our workflow was based on separate scenes with buildings and other stuff. All objects was linked to one dummy object and point. This way, we can easily update one composition scene. Hard to explain, but this big scene is impossible do other way...
Yes, but the bug with linked object made work with this script a bit uncomfortable. We had to every time before switching to proxies unlink objects and then again link proxies.
Would be possible just don't save as file those objects which are linked to potential proxy and keep original linking in a scene to other objects? Easily saying: Keep linking of objects, but export to proxy just object which is selected. Not other ones, which are linked.
That massive scene showed us that this is at the time the biggest problem of this script. Other things like wire color and so one are just a little bugs.

Again thank you Onodi for your work. I am keen to try your new script about team workflow. Just looking to find some time :) Thanks! Tomas.

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Hello Tomas, First of all

Hello Tomas,

First of all thanks again for your feedback. The holidays lasted a bit longer then planned.
I needed some time to get back to 3ds max, so sorry for the delay.
Back to your questions:
-I will fix the wirecolor thing.
-The idea with the proxy naming is great. Will look into it. At the same time I will have to change the naming thing, that was "limiting" the usage to 99. Actually it wasn't limiting. If you have box_01 and box_02, the proxy that is created on your disk is box.vrmesh. If you have box_001 and box_002 then the proxy is named box_0.vrmesh. Everything works well, the naming is a bit weird though.
-The idea with the two buttons is, that you are most probably always working into one direction: getting your models to proxies to save memory, or getting your models back to max to alter them. If you select a bunch of objects this is to avoid going into the two directions at one time, thus one button works for one type of object at the same time. BUT! When recompiling the whole script I will make a keyboard-shortcut version for you.
-Will check linking. I'm not a big scripter, just have a couple nice ideas. So please be patient! :)

András Onodi - CEO @ ZOA Architectural Animation & 3D Rendering
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Hi Onodi Andras Still keen on

Hi Onodi Andras
Still keen on to see a new version :)
Thanks a lot!

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One little bug

If instances are linked to another object...for example point, then the sript has a problem. If I push button to convert to proxy, everything works fine, but when I am trying to convert back to max format, then script crash and stop on:
y.transform = i.transform
Would be great to solve this problem and keep linking, because many people are using linking. Thanks a LOT!

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