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Andras Onodi | ZOA

Select a bunch of objects and put unique nodes to a specified directory as separate max files with the related vrayproxy data saved next to it.
Istance copies will be replaced with the new vrayproxy object.
Get previously saved objects back to max whenever you wish.

User Interface

Additional Info: 

-Instanced objects must end "kakimaki00" or "kakimaki_00". Any numbers is accepted at the end.
-If exporting instances: "objectname_xx" will be exported as objectname.max - without the numbers
-Don't use the name "objectname_xy" if it's not an instance of "objectname_xz". Ohterwise the script will try to overwrite the "objectname.max" file.
-Reference copys not supported yet. They do make the script crcash!
-Never Tested on groups
-Trying to get a maxobject back to an invisible layer doesn't work yet.
-While using the vrmeshes (I mean they are being used in current renders) the vrmesh files cannot be overwritten. I suggest to use two different folders to export to.

Revision History:
_v 1.22 - 19.04.2018 - Solved a bug when pressing "no" on overwrite
_v 1.20 - 02.09.2011 - new simplified UI, works with linked objects, works with any numberings, wire colors stay the same, local separators can be "_","-",".", " ", project path is being remembered (Thanks for the fixes Andras Miklos!!!)
_v 1.01 - 28.01.2010 - Minor bugfixes: fixed the mysterious kakimaki-bug, fixed the path-paste bug.
_v 1.00 - 22.01.2010 - Added The "Back To Max" Function, Added filtering for geometry/vrayproxy objects to avoid crashes
_v 0.12 - 20.01.2010 - Added postexport functions: show as box, selects the newly created objects
_v 0.11 - 19.01.2010 - Added functionality for "bunch of objects selection" - added the unique_list filter
_v 0.10 - 18.01.2010 - Created the original script for saving 1 object to a vrayproxy and replacing the related instances

First script that I have uploaded. Please be patient! :)
Any ideas and critiques are greatly appreciated!


Version Requirement: 
tested on max2016


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tomastnt's picture

Yes...this script is really

Yes...this script is really great! With that smart vray mesh convertor I have lost almost 2 days of work :( But this script saved my life :)

tomastnt's picture

Thank you Andreas. Yes. Your

Thank you Andreas. Yes. Your script is usable now. So don't be worries. Enjoy your vacation and if you would be able to add my features, would be great!!!
Also...I am stil wondering about that 99 objects limit. As far as I know, your script is taking last 2 numbers from a name of object? So it is a little confusing for me, what is it doing, if I have more then 99 instances. But I have usually more then 99 and it still works, but I think it mess file names little or not?
Best regards

onodi.andras's picture

Hey Tom, Thanks for your

Hey Tom,

Thanks for your feedback. I am on a vacation right now. I'll be in the office next week. I hope you can use the script until then and go by the minor problems you have encountered.

András Onodi - CEO @ ZOA Architectural Animation & 3D Rendering
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crystal3d's picture

hey Tom

looks like you found your way out? message me through [email protected] if the problem persists..

btw! scriptspot's messaging system is not working...duh!

tomastnt's picture

Wire Color

Hmm, but one thing...the wire color of instances is getting be random. Could be as same as an original?
Thanks :)

tomastnt's picture

Oh thanks god!

Many thanks! It looks it is working! I was using Smart Vrmesh Converter but it is not working properly. Your script seems to be working nicely.
I would have a few ideas.
When you will close the window of script and open a new one, you have to write a path for saving files again. Could you add some feature to save path for next opening window? I think, that would be very useful.
Also could you add feature for shortcuts? I think, there is no need to have two different shortcuts for converting to proxy and back to max file. You could detect if an User selected a proxi or mesh. Then you could use just one shortcut for doing two things separately. Clicking buttons is fine, but shortcuts would be much better. :)
Might, there could be some user option to rename proxy file. I can do that manually, but every time I have to manually delete old files from hard-drive, which is a little slow.

But even this functionality are great! Again Thank you very much! I will appreciate if you will ad some of mine ideas. Thank you. Great JOB!!!

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