Spring Magic

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Si-Chung Yuan

Spring Magic is a script for adding quick secondary animation to splines,bones and biped.
Current version not supported with CAT (Character Animation Toolkit). Might support CAT in the future version.
SpringMagic is available for Max 9 and above.

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[v.0.7] initial version
Start your max, go to maxscript/run sccript, select the springmagic_07.msc and have fun =)

‧The bone chain twist motion is now available .
( twist motion is about rotation around each bone's local X axis )
‧press ESC to cancel simulation
‧Some bugs fixed.

1.support C.A.T
2.set bones number to calculation
3.support linked object(the object must align x axis)

1.remove spline bake key
2.add scale motion option

Version Requirement: 
3ds Max9, 2010
Video URL: 
springmagic_0.9.mse15.68 KB
springmagic_v1.1.zip12.03 KB


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xNewbx's picture

same problems here... It

same problems here... It shows the CAT bone position as, 100000000.0m

paozone's picture

I am facing the same

I am facing the same problem.
How did you solve?

3dline's picture

Get Some Bug with CAT bone in MAX 2020

It seems that MAX 2020 have a lot's of bugs and headaches... and in this Update Great SpringMagic Script caused to disappear CAT bones in some cases...
not Hide nor deleted but it's gone and all meshes that linked to it has gone too.

ostia's picture

too want gravity.

animation legend

dagouyudoubao's picture

1.1 where is the spline btn?

I want use spline spring function in 1.1.
I can't find it.

Nixellion's picture

v 1.1 not working

Could not get version 1.1 to work. Was excited with it's Scale Motion parameter and slight update of it's UI. But it just did not work for me in Max 2017.

I opened it, selected the first bone, as usual, and when I click Bake progress bar turns red and nothing happens. Is there something wrong with the tool, it's compatibility with max or am I doing something wrong?



Oh, so it only works with bones now!? I can't just select helper objects or something else and apply dynamics to those like before? Why would you do that... It feels like a downgrade to me.

jgk1981's picture

Amazing update of that useful

Amazing update of that useful tool. Keep up the good work

sichung Yuan's picture

v1.0 category name:Ysctool

v1.0 category name:Ysctool

gkstmdahr's picture

can i know category?

thank you so much

my favorite script!!!!

i want to be enrolled in menubar

but i don't know category and macroScript name

give me macroScript name~ or category name

Nixellion's picture

(IMPROVEMENT) Working with different front axis


From what I can see now, it seems to only work with X-axis aiming down the chain. But in my work I often get rigs with Z or Y front axis. And in that cases this script just does not work. Controls\bones start jerking and twitching all over the place.

It would be great to have ability to pick front axis.

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