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Pulley Belt

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Technically you can probably call it a rounded isosceles trapezoid but it will be more useful as a base for path of bicycle chains or pulley belts. When both radii are the same and spline set to renderable, it could also be used as a simple chain link.


19 votes

v3.02 Redesigned, improved operation for attach objects

Using single hotkey for Attach/Detach
Используя единственную горячую кнопку для Attach/Detach


1 vote


Tools for isolating objects.


Collect Asset

37 votes

This script collects textures and other files used in the scene in one folder. Check for the same file names.
It is free script.

Batch Asset Re-Path tool

10 votes

Normal 0 false false false EN-US ZH-CN X-NONE

Gamma Organizer

30 votes

New  v1.33.00 Pro

This is script to change bitmap load gamma in whole scene or selected Bitmaps.
It can change gamma in all / selected bitmaps (now filtered by selected objects).

Reset Material Editor

2 votes

Copy Paste DWG

46 votes

 New - posibility to change imported Layer name for "All to one layer"


This is another simple script to speed up some everyday modeling work....

Just to simply Copy Paste selected from AutoCAD or DraftSight to 3ds MAX 

It copy only selected, so its easy to split dwg to separate objects (elev from plans etc)


3 votes

 Measure tool with compact UI

Watch video on how to.



There are 4 methods available via rightclick “Measure” button. Methods 1 to 3 use Viewport Drawing methods. Method 4 is simplified AutoCAD like linear dimension.


1 vote

Simplify Forest Pack object creation.

Select nodes to be scattered, click quick FP, select surface/area nodes, rightclick to create Forest object.

Can be use to edit selected forest object common properties, too.


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