TexTools: Toolbox for the texture artist

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Documentation: http://www.renderhjs.net/textools/

What is it:
A collection of tools that helps any texture artist with UV and texture related tasks. The main philosophy is to shorten typical steps into simple context sensitive single clicks. You don't need administrative rights, just drag the MZP file into the viewport and let it install itself into your 3dsMax user folders.

Most scripts are developed by me, I asked some people however to share their scripts and let me include them.Note that the scripts are free to improve, change, use for your own, just include the credits should you repackage anything. I stored each tool into a self contagious *.ms file so it should be easy to explore and extend the scripts for your own needs.

for more information and discussion

Additional Info: 

Installation: Just drag the MZP file into the viewport and install it from there. All files will be stored in your local 3dsmax userfiles so you don't need any Administrative rights to install it.


This 3dsmax user folder is usually located under:
C:\Documents and Settings\user\Local Settings\Application Data\Autodesk\3dsmax\2010 - 32bit\enu\ 

The installation will create a folder within the 'scripts' folder called 'TexTools' in which it will copy all the TexTools files that are needed. Four icon files will be copied into 'UI\usericons' for the macroscripts. Should the installation fail for some reason a prompt window will show up with a instruction on how to copy the files manually to get TexTools running.

Roadkill needs to be downloaded separately from:

Version Requirement: 
9, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011
Other Software Required: 
Photoshop (optional for opening textures in PS), Roadkill for the RK functionality
Video URL: 
TexTools_4.10.mzp439.94 KB


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rempage's picture

Thanks. I missed that old

Thanks. I missed that old TexTools file in sturtup scripts.
Thank you for great script.

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renderhjs, Thanks for the


Thanks for the reply. I'm sure this is ME, not your wonderful app.

Been there tried that, did not work. I even looked behind the interface to see if the dialog box was hiding. I did look in C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2010\Scripts\Startup\ and the folder is empty, "weird huh". TexTools runs in max so where are the files?

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About improving XYZ to UV

About improving XYZ to UV swap.
For the swap function between UVW XYZ, it would be welcome to have two editpoly modifier instead of one :
one for cutting the model and one for moving vertexs.
It helps to put a morpher modier between UVW and XYZ with disabling one of this two editpoly.
It's very useful with a skinwrap to paste objects on the model like a skin from UVW, as with scripts MLdecorate and SlideKnit.

Links :
°tools :

°results :


Thx for your great script.

Best regards,


EDIT : In fact you can simply add a morpher modifier to go back to the XYZ from UVW.

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@othoap: redrag the MZP file

@othoap: redrag the MZP file in the viewport, within the setup there should a big notable 'Uninstall' button. It will swipe all the files created by the script itself, max and or windows including macroscript links, icon files and windows temporary files. There is a simplified log in that uninstall panel that should give you an idea what files and where are deleted.

@rempage: you seem to still have a very old version of textools perhaps in your scripts/startup folder? Remove it from there. For example on my copmuter that folder is located at:
C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2010\Scripts\Startup\
So if you find the old TexTools file simply delete it.
Alternativly and this is how newer version get sweeped simply redrag the MZP file (of the most recent version of TexTools) in the viewport and run the Uninstall process. It should detect all TexTools files.

othoap's picture

please instructed on how to

please instructed on how to uninstall. I can't find any of the installed files in the win7 max2010 folders scema. Is there an install log from the mzp?

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Hi. I have problem trying

Hi. I have problem trying opening editor second time. It shows me this error : --No map function for undefined.
Also I can't get rid of TexTools 1.4- it starts with max even after installing TexTools 3.0. I use 3ds max 2009x64

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Great script. I can't find

Great script.
I can't find the ring and loop selection for linear align.
A great feature that I long dream would be to project a uv from an other mesh, like skinwrap for skin.

Best regards,


dutch's picture

when using a uv channel other

when using a uv channel other than one and using the checker button causes problems.

the uv texture channel is always on channel one.

Would be nice if it automatically set the texture channel to the channel you're currently working on.

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very good script

very good script

The life is Good

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superb tool ! i like it

superb tool ! i like it

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