TexTools: Toolbox for the texture artist

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Documentation: http://www.renderhjs.net/textools/

What is it:
A collection of tools that helps any texture artist with UV and texture related tasks. The main philosophy is to shorten typical steps into simple context sensitive single clicks. You don't need administrative rights, just drag the MZP file into the viewport and let it install itself into your 3dsMax user folders.

Most scripts are developed by me, I asked some people however to share their scripts and let me include them.Note that the scripts are free to improve, change, use for your own, just include the credits should you repackage anything. I stored each tool into a self contagious *.ms file so it should be easy to explore and extend the scripts for your own needs.

for more information and discussion

Additional Info: 

Installation: Just drag the MZP file into the viewport and install it from there. All files will be stored in your local 3dsmax userfiles so you don't need any Administrative rights to install it.


This 3dsmax user folder is usually located under:
C:\Documents and Settings\user\Local Settings\Application Data\Autodesk\3dsmax\2010 - 32bit\enu\ 

The installation will create a folder within the 'scripts' folder called 'TexTools' in which it will copy all the TexTools files that are needed. Four icon files will be copied into 'UI\usericons' for the macroscripts. Should the installation fail for some reason a prompt window will show up with a instruction on how to copy the files manually to get TexTools running.

Roadkill needs to be downloaded separately from:

Version Requirement: 
9, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011
Other Software Required: 
Photoshop (optional for opening textures in PS), Roadkill for the RK functionality
Video URL: 
TexTools_4.10.mzp439.94 KB


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Svennovich's picture

hey, thanks for this cool

hey, thanks for this cool script i start using it in my workflow.
Also learned A LOT from your maxscript!
It saved me tons of time & research. you are in my credits of my first released script ;)



liangjinshui's picture

hi,renderhjs it's a great

it's a great plugin.
but can the "split" tool be worked only on selected faces?

JokerMartini's picture

Hey renderhjs I've revamped

Hey renderhjs I've revamped your Checkermap button that allows for multiple objects to be selected at one time and store each objects individual material as well as restore it after using the checkermap shader. I can send you the file via email.

John Martini
Digital Artist
http://www.JokerMartini.com (new site)

othoap's picture

The video demonstrating the

The video demonstrating the teapot and roadkill shows selection of an edge then expanded in to a loop. Next it turns in to a seam. How do you turn a edge loop selection into a seam in the UV editor?

I tried the "edge to seams" button under the Unwrap stack out on the main rollout. That turns the loop into a seam but roadkill doesn't see it. The teapot is not cut on the seam. It's as if I didn't make a seam at all.

What step turns the loop into a seam?


renderhjs's picture

updated to version

updated to version 3.95

- fixed some Roadkill bugs, now it should link to any folder and work with max 2009 as well
- added a function that shifts overlapping shells except 1 shell to another UV 1:1 space and back with another click. Useful when you need to bake maps using the Render to Texture in max and you have stacked or overlapping UV's which usually would cause artifacts in the bake.
- modified the 'linear' tool in that way that a single edge automatically extends to a loop selection, a default left click aligns without any axis snapping and right click snaps to the U or V axis.
- improved Setup with Link resources and 'show userfolder'

renderhjs's picture

updated to version 3.81 new

updated to version 3.81

new features are:
- improved setup, initializes without hick ups and inits custom variables at the first launch after the setup.

- roadkill unwrapping with a single click from within just max. It cuts along existing uv edges and unwraps them using the ABF or LSCM method. Sadly either the 3dsMax exporter/importer or roadkill changes the vertex order which is why it attaches a poly copy as a new editable poly modifier. Roadkill needs to be downloaded separately but is freely available.

- Command to copy UV shell groups to smoothing groups (good for normal mapping stuff)

- If you uncheck "Override Edit Colors" it does not touch anymore the bitmap background in the UV editor - instead it looks cluttered like the good old max

renderhjs's picture

arg my whole post was removed

arg my whole post was removed except the image :(

anyway may this help:

also for better discussions and conversations check out:

Bowplane's picture

@render for some reason my

for some reason my max 2010 does not keep the editor tools when i shut down even if i run as admin, may it be attributed to me usuing the educational version? again, great work.

Bowplane's picture

@The Card i had the same

@The Card
i had the same prob,if you click the install button a pop up should give you the directions to install manually. It tells you to go to the users appdata-then local settings. However, Win7 hides appdata by default so have to right clik in your user folder, then properties, then check the read only box to for the appdata folder to unhide.(working on MACw/bootcamp no prntscrn) This may be the noob approach but it worked for me. Hope this helps, Mad props to render!

DarkNemos's picture

Dunno witch version i tried

Dunno witch version i tried personally but that version did not have undo. Does this version have undo?

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