TexTools: Toolbox for the texture artist

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Documentation: http://www.renderhjs.net/textools/

What is it:
A collection of tools that helps any texture artist with UV and texture related tasks. The main philosophy is to shorten typical steps into simple context sensitive single clicks. You don't need administrative rights, just drag the MZP file into the viewport and let it install itself into your 3dsMax user folders.

Most scripts are developed by me, I asked some people however to share their scripts and let me include them.Note that the scripts are free to improve, change, use for your own, just include the credits should you repackage anything. I stored each tool into a self contagious *.ms file so it should be easy to explore and extend the scripts for your own needs.

for more information and discussion

Additional Info: 

Installation: Just drag the MZP file into the viewport and install it from there. All files will be stored in your local 3dsmax userfiles so you don't need any Administrative rights to install it.


This 3dsmax user folder is usually located under:
C:\Documents and Settings\user\Local Settings\Application Data\Autodesk\3dsmax\2010 - 32bit\enu\ 

The installation will create a folder within the 'scripts' folder called 'TexTools' in which it will copy all the TexTools files that are needed. Four icon files will be copied into 'UI\usericons' for the macroscripts. Should the installation fail for some reason a prompt window will show up with a instruction on how to copy the files manually to get TexTools running.

Roadkill needs to be downloaded separately from:

Version Requirement: 
9, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011
Other Software Required: 
Photoshop (optional for opening textures in PS), Roadkill for the RK functionality
Video URL: 
TexTools_4.10.mzp439.94 KB


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IN_human's picture

Here's another version of

Here's another version of hide/show macro, this one will behave like checkbutton on a toolbar.


and thanks for changes you made since 1.70, will check them. Right now I'm trying to make pick/set texel ratio tools to work with selected faces, not just whole object. Will let you know if I will make something useful.

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Thanks a lot for that tool.

Thanks a lot for that tool. Loving the align button, compr, rectify and normalize fonction.I'm not bored anymore by uving 3d objects. Thanks to you. It's cool to know that solutions are coming even if it's not from autodesk.

Maybe they will buy this tool I hope so.

But i did found a bug.

While pressing the check button twice get this script error because the bitmap path is no longer "/scripts" folder but "Script/Textools/" can you please correct this for the new version :

Thanks a lot for that tool loving the align button and compr.

)else if (mode == 2)then(
--local tex = openBitmap "checkermap_a.png";
local tex = openBitmap ((pathConfig.GetDir #scripts)+"\\texTools_checkermap_a.png");
obj .material = standard diffuseMap:(Bitmaptexture bitmap:tex) showInViewport:true;
obj .material.diffusemap.coords.U_Tiling = settings_checker_tiling;
obj .material.diffusemap.coords.V_Tiling = settings_checker_tiling;
obj .material.diffusemap.coords.realWorldScale = off;

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- macro and icon for show &

- macro and icon for show & hide has been added
- color changes to the UV-unwrap editor should be passive, meaning that it stored former settings if you apply the regular way a UVWunwrap modifier.
- as for texel density, the script is not yet perfect. Will try to look into that sometime

apart from that,
many additions have been added since then, like blockout map rendering, cavity map, stitch, quick pelt mapping.
For a complete overview on whats included now check:

IN_human's picture

Just installed, nice toolset

Just installed, nice toolset and really usefull.


But there's just a few things I don't really like:

-it replaced my color scheme in UVW editor Yell

-it closes  UVW editor everytime I assign texel density to a selected shell

-no macro to show/hide UI. In fact I don't need this toolset in my startup at all as soon as I don't edit UVs 100% of my worktime. So I just want a hotkey to show up UI when I need it.


Of course I can fix these things for myself, but you may add this changes into next release too

renderhjs's picture

hey thats very cool,- will

hey thats very cool,- will check it out right away and of course replace it if its better.
Right now I am working on a new GUI prototype for future releases which is why this project is a little bit on pause release wise.

There is a thread about the GUI stuff on polycount:


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Hello renderhjs!  Thanks

Hello renderhjs!  Thanks for this excellent tool.
I wrote a script that does the same thing as fn_07__rotate_shell_compact.ms.

This is a very fast and mathematically correct algorithm. Maybe it will replace your version?

best_align_uv_vw_uw.zip 1.58 KB
renderhjs's picture

sorry for the delay here @

sorry for the delay here

@ kpeel: if you want to develop local e.g just like in what your screenshot tells me extracting the scripts - you have to put the bitmap in a folder that maxscript reads as a local e.g the
if you then compile or run the script it should load proper. alternativly you can open that folder using:

url =pathConfig.GetDir #image;
shellLaunch "explorer.exe" url;

(I added a rollout in the options panel of the script that holds a button for this folder as well)

@ Dannat121: yes and no, the majority of the scripts probably do not work with max 8 simply because some features are not yet accessible in maxscript. But some might actually work, I did not have the time so far to test it out on max 8.

@ dustinbrown: has been added to the hotlist on the documentation site and linked to your post:http://www.renderhjs.net/textools/
I want the symmetry stuff as well, as soon as I have some time I will wrap my brains about that one - see if I can come up with something.

Meanwhile some other developments progressed, like a improved stitching thing

super quick pelt mapping

and a new GUI concept that allows me to store more items organized and support other languages as well

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A symmetry tool would be

A symmetry tool would be AMAZING. If you pelt map a human head and relax it, you can often loose symmetry in the UV layout for whatever reason. Having something that will whip things back into symmetry would be great. The old technique of UVing half the model then mirroring it doesn't work if you're bringing the model to and from a program that relies heavily on point order being maintained, like ZBrush. Being able to maintain symmetry within the UV interface would be HUGE!

Dannat121's picture

OK does anyone know if this

OK does anyone know if this works in max 8 because if it does or if anyone can get it to work for max 8. I would love to use this!

Thanks so much!

kpeel's picture

Thanks for the script

Thanks for the script "uv_toolbox_1.60.zip". when I start max this is what I get. I went into photoshop and resaved "icons_renderhjs_uv_toolbox_xl.bmp" but I still get this. what am I doing wrong.
Thanks in advance

tools.JPG 17.93 KB

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