VFB+ : A Feature-rich Extension to the 3dsmax Frame Buffer

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VFB+ v2.81 is now completely free!

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 Introducing VFB+ v2.81, the advanced virtual frame buffer for Autodesk 3dsmax.

VFB+ works with any renderer which uses the native 3dsmax frame buffer, such as Scanline, Mental Ray, Final Render, IRay, VRay, Corona (when not using the renderer's custom VFB).

The frame buffer has been designed and heavily tested to fit smoothly into any production pipeline, and to streamline the rendering workflow for anyone who renders in 3dsmax.

Version 2.8 is the most powerful and feature packed release yet!

A partial list of features:

  • 32-bit per channel color correction.
  • Various correction controls including exposure, gamma, multi-channel curves, vignette, chromatic aberration, bloom, glare, blur/sharpen, speckle reduction, noise reduction, etc.
  • Depth of Field based on Z-Depth.
  • VFB+ is active while rendering, including tweaking of color correction and stamping.
  • Captures Render Elements, G-Buffer channels, and RTT elements as well as the main pass.
  • Composition guides help you tweak your image.
  • Pixel Aspect Ratio correction display.
  • 4 different A|B comparison modes.
  • Display modes for all channels.
  • Support for 3D color LUTs.
  • Realtime RGB Histogram.
  • Rich WYSIWYG stamping system with virtually any imaginable variable including arbitrary MAXScript expressions.
  • Fully documented.
  • Customizable interoperability options.
  • MAXScript interface provides access to almost all features.

See the link for download and complete details.

Version Requirement: 
3dsmax 2009-2018
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Vipera's picture

Apply color correction to image sequence bug

I wanted to check what "Apply current color correction to image sequence" button does. I clicked on this button and then I clicked Cancel. 3dsmax freezes for about 1 min after that.

rotem's picture

Thanks, I'll make a note of

Thanks, I'll make a note of fixing this.

In the meantime you can either override the gamma in the VFB+ color correction to 1.0, or in Preferences -> Color Correction -> Save Mode set CC Disabled, 1.0 Gamma.

Vipera's picture

VFB+ saves wrong gamma

I use Gamma 2.1 in 3dsmax. I have Input Gamma 2.1 and Output Gamma 1.0 for bitmap files. This means when I save image file from Vray VFB or Scanline VFB it will be saved in linear color space. But when I save the same image file from VFB+ the images saved with gamma 2.1 instead of 1.0. Make a quick test. Set gamma settings as I have and render sample object using Vray VFB, Scanline VFB, and VFB+ saving the image file from each VFB to .TGA. The saved images from Vray VFB and Scanline VFB will be identical but image saved from VFB+ will be brighter because it was saved with gamma 2.1 instead of gamma 1.0. I think, this is a bug which has to be fixed.

rotem's picture

VFB+ accurately represents

VFB+ accurately represents the maximum depth provided by the renderer. If the Scanline renderer does not generate a 32-BPP buffer internally, there will not be 32-BPP data in VFB+. As far as I can tell the Scanline renderer uses a 16-BPP buffer at most.

Augusto Lombardi's picture


"Support for 16-bit and 32-bit per channel (including HDR) images and color correction."

does this mena that I can save 32bit frames also using the scanline render?

for instance..actually i cant save fumefx renders with scanline in 32bit .exr, i can save 32bit but when i import in comp the sequence it has 16bit depht

rotem's picture


Thanks for the support Shawn :)

lightcube's picture


I've been happily using VFB all week. Love it! I think AD should buy it from you! Anyway, glad you've built it. The filmstrip and split screen are really nice in my book. Other features will probably find a place for me too.


Shawn Olson

Developer of Wall Worm

rotem's picture

Thanks for the report, I've

Thanks for the report, I've contacted you via email to try and resolve the bug.

dub73's picture

grain in vray render elements

Hi, when we render with Vray and Render Elements we sometimes get grain in the passes? Multimattes or Vray Dirt for instance. But only when we use save in the VFB or the Photoshop button. When we use "auto save file" there is no grain in the passes? is there something wrong with VFB? We are not color correcting anything in VFB.




jaxxtrend@gmail.com's picture

Vray Lens Effect RE

Very cool tool. But need litle bit changes ;)
Please add correct work VRayLensEffects(VLE) with VBF+2.1

now VLE add for image, need add for RE or image and RE or only image.


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