HCG Asset Browser PRO

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Francisco Hermida

Ver 1.2 - Check the New Video

HCG Asset Browser now FREE!

Current version:1.3.2

Additional Info: 

FIXING .NET error:

  1. Right click the .ZIP file and click Properties
  2. Click unblock button in "General" tab.

Warning: There is no automated installation process, read the readme.txt inside the hcgab folder for more information  

  • Installation folder is now C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Autodesk\3dsMax\2014 - 64bit\ENU\scripts
  • Settings file is now xml
  • When saving new models it will ask if you want to save the associated textures to a subfolder on the same folder were the model will be saved, the textures are renamed to "modelname - texturename" and reasigned to the respective bitmaps.

 v1.3.2 (2014-07-07):

  • Fixed incompatibility with 3ds max 2015

v1.3.1 (2013-12-17):

Know issues:

  • A few material features are broken at the moment.
  • The script will not import old settings.

  v1.2.5 (2012-10-31):

  • Fixed a bug with 3ds max 2013 product update 4

v1.2.4 (2010-11-07):

  • Fixed a bug when loading assets with invalid path.
  • Materials: Removed a error when trying to apply others types of items than materials like maps in the Materials categories.
  • Materials: Reorganized "UVW Set." Panel
  • Materials: Included support to save/apply VrayDisplacementMod with materials
    - At the moment it only save and load the bitmap path of the VrayDisplacementMod "Texmap' slot. "Use object mtl" to store complex Texmap


This script is Free to use


- See and generate thumbnails for your Models, Materials and Textures.
- With few clicks add Models, Materials and Textures to the scene.
- Paint geometry in the scene with a model in your Library.
- Apply materials with automatic UVWmap. The script save uvwmap information for future use.
- Replace models in your scene with another Model of your choice.
- Drag and drop textures to material maps.
- Clean and easy to use interface.
- Advanced options to fit your workflow.



  • Download installation file
  • Execute installation file
  • Start 3ds max
  • Go to Customize>Customize User Interface>Keyboard or Toolbars> Category "HCG"> command "HCG Asset Browser PRO"
  • Assign a shortcut
  • Activate the shortcut


Version Requirement: 
3ds Max 2014
Video URL: 
hcgab_1.3.2.zip2.79 MB


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trick's picture

Duke2, - What has price to


- What has price to do with the licensing method ? Should I pay $100 instead of $50 (price per license) for my specific situations ? Buy another 2 network cards just for being able to transfer licenses ?
- I'm willing to pay developers that know how to set up a good licensing method. Didn't you express the exact same concerns about VRayScatter's initial licensing system, in the time the plugin cost $120 ?
- About growing up...Look who's talking! I'm just expressing concerns and I'm glad at least Chico understands these.
- I already use (MooTools) 3D PhotoBrowser which has a Max plugin and you can assign rendered thumbnails to Max-files. I can use it on 2 machines and the license can be de/activated. THE reason I'm interested in this tool is that it is integrated and developed by someone who uses MAX himself. But again: I have my reasons to not accept its licensing system.

GeorgeR's picture

Alternatively, allow a

Alternatively, allow a script to be used for thumbnails. That way I could use the physical camera, and add anything else like a plane and sunlight, but it doesn't actually affect the scene because its just fired when rendering the thumb.

GeorgeR's picture

Well so far this is great.

Well so far this is great. It's so cool to be able to organize all this stuff! A few things:

-Clicking off the categories button gives an error (you shouldn't be able to click it off anyway I guess)

-In preferences, could you add a "use named camera (HCG_Camera)" checkbox? That way, we could have a custom setup camera in the scene called HCG_Camera. This solves cases where we need to use a VRay physical camera, for example.

-Have options for files (right click menu, are saved to a text file with the same name as the scene file), where the most important one for me is "exclude items". You could then have it so that only certain items in the scene are loaded in. So it doesn't bring in your cameras and lights and any other setup items in that scene.

-Ability to exclude files being loaded with certain names, for example with my library items, I have iterations of the file like GreenBush_01.max, but I only want Asset Browser to see the file called GreenBush.max

GeorgeR's picture

Oh for God's sake grow up!

Oh for God's sake grow up! This won't be some $200 plugin, it will probably be affordable to buy 2 licenses. Think about the developer and put some food on his table.

Francisco Hermida's picture

trick: Without this initial

trick: Without this initial license system, i wouldn't release it. So knowing this problem, i will try to think in another solution to your problem.

trick's picture

Here we are again: NO

Here we are again: NO office+home/laptop use and when I buy a new computer I somehow have to transfer my integrated network controller !?!?!?!? I'm getting so tired of this...

fajar's picture

I already tried it today,

I already tried it today, I'm 3dsMax 9 user it said
--syntax error need a thing can u fix that for 3dsMax 9 user!

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