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Alexander Kramer (Kstudio)

Using the FilePathFinder you can be sure that you have complete control over external links into your scenes.

Asset tracking features include support for XREF files and easy linking with external files.

Using the FilePathFinder (and Batch Render&Relink), you can search for missing assets and relink external files.

In addition, files that are linked to selected objects are displayed in Interactive Mode, and bitmap textures can be toggled and placed within the Material Editor.

Also with this tool, you can easily make an archive a 3ds Max scene.

Note that FilePathFinder supports the highest number of asset types of any plug-in.


For example, FilePathFinder is the only plugin that can display and relink Vray Lens effects, even with missing bitmaps. In addition, scenes may be archived and easily sent to render services such as RebusFarm.

The Batch Render&Relink tool helps manage your asset files into the 3D model and material libraries in Batch Mode.

BR&R is capable of rendering thumbnails for 3D models, materials, and IES photometric files.

Batch Mode makes for an easy way to gather and compile many assets at once.

FilePathFinder Pro version 3.80.08

  • Adds support to IES interactive rendering
  • Fixes an issue with removing atmospherics on rendering previews
  • Fixes an issue with isolated nodes when rendering previews
  • Fixes an issue when monitor screen DPI uses a scale of more than 100%
  • Fixes an issue with rendering some scenes with Corona 6

FilePathFinder Pro version 3.78.01

  • Adds support to ArchVision RPC. Display native preview.
  • Adds support to ".MC" files in Point Cache modifier
  • Adds an ability to rendering previews using Corona Frame Buffer. [Batch Render&Relink]
  • Drops support to 3ds Max 2013
  • The methods of generation preview for Substance and additional 3ds Max image formats (such as vrimg and etc.) was rewritten.
  • Move plugin to directory and category "Kstudio"
  • Fixes a bug with relinking scenes that contain IES files using Batch Render&Relink tool[Batch Render&Relink]
  • Fixes an issue with correct display the maximized plugin window on some monitors
  • Fixes an issue with the ability to refresh the listview using the F5 key
  • Fixes some minor issues with the interface
  • Fixes a bug with Asset Management scenes which contains Containers
  • Fixes other minor issues and performance improvements

See the full list of history changes on this page - Update History.


Asset Tracking

  • Search for missing assets
  • Relink external files
  • Collect external files
  • Archiving a 3ds Max scene
  • Ability to exclude files from collecting by type of file
  • Rename the links by mask
  • Removing links from a scene
  • Ability to collect Asset files via clipboard and drag&drop method
  • PRO version includes the “Batch Render&Relink” tool for organizing Asset files for 3d Models and Materials Libraries in the batch mode
  • Support to xRef files.
  • Support to almost all known renderers and plug-ins.

Selecting objects, work with materials and textures

  • Selecting the objects by their links to files
  • Displays in interactive mode a list of files linked to selected objects
  • Place Materials and BitmapTextures into the Material Editor
  • Show/Hide bitmap in viewport
  • Opening the files into the external application.

Misc Features

  • Auto-check for updates
  • Displays thumbnails for Bitmaps, 3d models, Proxy, IES, Material Libraries and other file-types (include formats HDR, EXR, PSD and other)
  • Various methods of display files in list: by type of files, linked to selected objects, by status, by mask of name
  • The “Batch Render&Relink” tool for rendering the thumbnails for 3ds Max scenes, Material Libraries and IES files
  • Collect the preview thumbnails with source files
  • Unostentatious and “Transparent” the demo-version
  • User-Friendly interface

Additional Info: 

Commercial script.
Installation and generation of id-file video 
Note: Please use latest updates for your version of 3ds max
3ds Max Updates & Service Packs

Demo-version Limits:

The Demo version allows to work only with limited number of files.

Version Requirement: 
3ds Max 2014 and above


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fajar's picture

This is pos about file path

This is pos about file path finder pro or light ? quiet confused with your writing

Kstudio's picture

The last version has

The last version has uninstaller.
Download it, drop the mzp file into viewport and turn on the chekbox "Uninstall" .

peprgb's picture


Hi, after searching long the there any possible way of unisntalling this script? would appreciate some info on this


simmsimaging's picture

Thanks. No antivirus


No antivirus installed on this machine, and I use UNC path names (\\server\x\y\ etc)

Again, it only seems to be happening with FPP. Asset manager and Relink Bitmaps do not seem to hit this slowdown. Any other thoughts?


Kstudio's picture

Possible reasons: 1.

Possible reasons:
1. antivirus application.
2. The network path is specified on by ip-address (eg \\192yu168.0.1)

Maybe you should change your antivirus.
Or change the network paths to such \\servername ...

simmsimaging's picture

The super slow linking of

The super slow linking of network pathed images continues to be an issue. It can literally take 10 minutes to re-link an image that is on the same drive, but a different directory. Any clues? It's a great script in terms of functionality, but can be unusable for me like this.

(It's not always that slow btw - but not sure what triggers it since all jobs and my texture archives are all on the same drive in the same network location.)


simmsimaging's picture

I have emailed the bug

I have emailed the bug report. Noted in the email as well, but I am not sure what "non-standard programs" would include. There are many things installed on the system, but I have another script (relink bitmaps) which I also use and it doesn't seem to run this slowly, at least it hasn't in the past.

Kstudio's picture

Open scene before relinking

Open scene before relinking and run FilePathFinder.
Open preferences dialog (menu customize) and generate bug-report.
Also write about not standard programs installed on your system.

simmsimaging's picture

Very slow re-linking of images

I found using the search/collect function, without collecting, was running extremely slowly, like 10-15 minutes to go through two folders and re-link maybe 20 bitmaps, so I tried using the manual option (f4 on a single bitmap). This took 1min 50 seconds to re-link, even though I pointed FPF PRO right to the image. The same process in Asset Manager is instant.

Is there some setting that might be causing it to run super slowly?


simmsimaging's picture

I watched the video but it is

I watched the video but it is not clear to me what is going on there. What is actually being replaced? I have no idea what I'm looking at there :)

The find/replace function seems to do the trick. Is it possible to add a function so that you can just click on another bitmap to fill in the replace slot? Or maybe drag one from the thumbnails to the slot? It would save the manual retyping of the name every time you want to try quick iterative tests with different maps.

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