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With OutFiler all your scenes and models will be at hand!

The OutFiler is a simple but powerful file browser inside 3dsmax. Forget about standard save/load/merge dialogs. Folder tree much more comfortable.

Easy way to manage your scenes and models.

Dock OutFiler to Max's interface and:

  • save and load scenes
  • save and load objects
  • merge objects by layer
  • make a list of your favorite paths
  • copy and paste paths
  • assign operations to hotkeys

OutFiler performs operations in the background. You don't need to wait for the interface update.

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Versions History:
version 2.0
-Renamed from DropBox to OutFiler
-Added folder tree
-Added folders preview
-Added window floating and dockable mode
-Added scene save and incremental save
-Improved interface customization
-Improved speed
-Implemented background updating for file list and folder tree
version 1.6.2
-Added option Collapse geometry when save
version 1.6.1
-Added small preview icons
version 1.6
-Added isolation while saving
-Added saving objects to separated files
version 1.5.5
-Adapted for 3dsmax 2020
version 1.5.4
-Added drag&drop
-Added merge options
version 1.5.3
-Fixed illegal characters when file saving
version 1.5.2
-Added merge by layer
-Added merge as XRef
-Added uninstall
-Added files changing monitoring
-Added settings
version 1.5.1
-Added hotkeys
-Added choosing max version while saving
version 1.5
-New UI
-Added UI properties saving
-Added folder list
-Added preview
version 1.0
-First release


First click - launch
Second - hide
Third - show
Able to assign a hotkey

Assign Hotkeys


Save scene

Save objects

Merge files

Objects and layers in files

Preview display problem fix:


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andrfil's picture

Maybe. I'll think about it.

Maybe. I'll think about it.

deshu's picture

If it had a possibility to

If it had a possibility to add pre-defined tags in an easy way (like: bed, chair, lamp), it could become a very efficient model library manager too.

runmax's picture

Thanks a lot!

Thanks a lot! Preview problem fix!

andrfil's picture
runmax's picture


Thanks,I update to win10, and it works! another question is no preview images...every model has a same max icon image,thanks

andrfil's picture

Thanks a lot! I will add

Thanks a lot! I will add your wishes to the development plan.

xien132's picture

Thank you

Thank you for your reply andrfil

This script is very simple to understand and I think it's better than the project manager. It's the best plugin for me.

Request if possible.
I wish I had a function to reset coordinates when pasting.
I'm glad I can import OBJ. Thumbnails need not be displayed.

andrfil's picture

Ideologically, the OutFiler

Ideologically, the OutFiler is not a simplified copy of the Project Manager. The meaning of the script is to provide quick access to scenes on disk without dialog boxes.
In a sense, OutFiler is a combination of Copitor and Copy/Paste Objects with a folder tree and a partial functionality of the Windows Explorer.

In any case, I did not focus on the Project Manager during the development process and the structure and functionality of the OutFiler are very different.

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Hi! The texture transfer

Hi! The texture transfer feature will be added later.

fajar's picture


I wonder if it'll become cheap version of "Project Manager" soon? hmmm.

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