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Vladislav Gavrilov

MultyConvertor - allow to convert any materials, lights (objects) of any renders to any materials, lights (objects) and renders!!! It is all in one.

You can simple create *.mct (edit text file in any text editors and change extension) file for new render and facilities that support this type of rendering. See any *.mct in archive

Now you start the script and setup link properties from one render type to other. You can also use expression for translate value to other value or execute any max script expression.

For example: we have 100% value for opasity in Standart material and should be write for Vray transparent color:

[x/255.0, x/255.0, x/255.0]

x - value of Standard material opasity and result color for Vray transparent property.

Also convertor allow glboal change any parameters in scene. Simple setup the property from and to. Example:


Database saved in proplink.mcl and matlink.mcl

Be careful! The convertor is very powerful and can do many things. I do not even know all its capabilities.
V2.6 news:
- more then 700 property links
- 2012 max compatible
- add Shift+Reload database button pressed: join selected database to current

if you have new work property links, please send your database (MCLink folder) to me by e-mail (you can find it on my website). I'll update the database for all


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Mental Ray conversion problem

Hi there,

The latest version doesn't seem to convert Vray to Mental Ray. The progress bar just flashes and nothing gets converted. I dropped in a 2009 version of Multyconverter and it worked.

This was in 2012 64bit and 2009 32 and 64 bit.

Could this script be any more of a life-saver??

Thanks, VG!

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How to convert ColorCorrect

How to convert ColorCorrect to MAX's Color_correction. Someone tried to set this up?

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Autodesk_Material to Standard

of course.
Simple open Material editor in 3dsmax and select slot with Autodesk_Material. Value will be show only when Material Editor open.

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Hi _VG_ thanks a lot for

Hi _VG_
thanks a lot for fixing the Autodesk_Material issue.

Is there any chance to extract at least the diffuse color and and the texture map from Autodesk_Material?


adesk_mat.jpg 179.84 KB
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Multi Sub Conversion

Sorry, I forgot comment some function when fix Autodesk_Material.
Please download again

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Multi Sub Conversion

I see comments from a while back discussing this, but MultiSubObject material conversion is not working properly for me in Max Design 2011 64bit on win7. When I print the full log, it never even tries to convert the submaterials. If I also assign one of the submaterials to another object, that submaterial then gets converted, but only because it's being access through the other object, not through the submaterial.

My guess is MSO materials are not setup to be recursively searched for their submaterials, can this be changed?

edit: In the meantime I wrote a simple for loop to iterate through a MultiMaterial rthat creates a teapot with the submaterial assigned to it, so then the MultyConvert gets to all the mats I need.

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Arch & Design

In last data base you can see link for convert Arch & Design diffuse map to standard diffuse map. If I understood you need more, please send me you Arch & Design material in first slot in material editor and Standard material in second how you want it.

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Autodesk_Material convertion

Thank's for find this bug.

The script has a recursive algorithm. In this case, the Autodesk_Material has such a ConvertToGeneric property, the same as the material itself. And it turns out an endless loop. I corrected it, but that does not bind specifically to this material when creating a connection to ask for this option, any other property that is not used when converting, but torn off check box in Link list field in MC UI.
for example in proplink.mcl you can see:

Also add new function:
- support to convert modifiers
- mapped function for run convert without UI to your render type

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Autodesk_Material to Standardmaterial

Anybody succeded in translating Autodesk_Material to Standardmaterial?

On my side, MultyConverter script always stops working and Maxdesign 2012 crashes.
However there are no problems translating Arch & Design Materials (Arch___Design__mi) to Standardmaterial.

I'm wondering, if this is a bug, or if the Autodesk_Material as a truncated SubMaterial of Arch & Design Material is too nested/complicated for translation.


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Standart Blend and Arch & Design

Hi! How I can convert auto blend material with Arch & Design in slots to standart material? I need only diffuse map and mix.

He applies and replaces the Arch & Design material to the standard, but only if it is not in the Blend. And then have to manually open in Blend material Arch & Design and press re-convert. Please tell me how to do so to have this done automatically.

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