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Vladislav Gavrilov

MultyConvertor - allow to convert any materials, lights (objects) of any renders to any materials, lights (objects) and renders!!! It is all in one.

You can simple create *.mct (edit text file in any text editors and change extension) file for new render and facilities that support this type of rendering. See any *.mct in archive

Now you start the script and setup link properties from one render type to other. You can also use expression for translate value to other value or execute any max script expression.

For example: we have 100% value for opasity in Standart material and should be write for Vray transparent color:

[x/255.0, x/255.0, x/255.0]

x - value of Standard material opasity and result color for Vray transparent property.

Also convertor allow glboal change any parameters in scene. Simple setup the property from and to. Example:


Database saved in proplink.mcl and matlink.mcl

Be careful! The convertor is very powerful and can do many things. I do not even know all its capabilities.
V2.6 news:
- more then 700 property links
- 2012 max compatible
- add Shift+Reload database button pressed: join selected database to current

if you have new work property links, please send your database (MCLink folder) to me by e-mail (you can find it on my website). I'll update the database for all


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Are there any chances to create shortcut or toolbar button for this script?

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Revit and 3dsMax

Sorry guys, i wrote a whole paragraph with wrong information in my last post (the one about .mct files). Already edited and corrected the info.


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Revit an 3dsMax

Hello Gustavo !
Mille grazie per la risposta

I begin to understand but unfortunately I do not have time to do the translation.
you are very clear
I'm leaving on vacation a few days but upon my return, I try your recommendations.
So very soon and thank you again.


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Revit an 3dsMax

Hello Didier, i´ll try to help you making a brief description of the workflow.

Multyconvertor needs a .mct file for each render engine. The file is a list of the class names of the materials that are compatible with the engine. You can get the class name typing "classof $.material" ($ stands for selected object) after selecting a object with that material applied to. With some copy and paste you create a .mct file in notepad. attached is the vray.mct i´ve created for converting promaterials to vray materials. The scanline.mct needed to convert to standard materials comes within the

When the .mct is ready, which is the case of standard material, you open multyconvertor and check "edit links". On the column to the left you must choose, on the top dropbox, the material that will be converted from; and in the right column the target material (hope that´s clear, my english is poor). This is done by selecting a property in the left column and it´s correspondent in the right column, making both highlighted in light green. If the conversion is not direct, like converting values with different ranges (0-10 to 0-100, for instance), you need to type a expression in one of the text boxes labeled "f". I use the bottom right one normally, but don´t know for sure what are the rules for this. The expression should use "x" as the original property value, e.g. "x*10".

Finally you need to select the material type you want to convert to, in the dropbox next to the "convert to" button, click the button and wait for the results.

Hope this helps and is clear enough.

vray.mct 246 bytes
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Igamaximus, i misunderstood what you said before. I thought you were talking about maxe´s wire parameters and not about multyconvertor´s. Anyway, here the conversion works right, even with multisub materials. I convert from promaterials to vray and those are the only links i´ve made. I also don´t wired multisub materials. See my workflow on my previous post and on my next one, replying to Didier.

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Revit and 3dmax

Hello Guga ?

I am also a French architect who works with Revit.
I need to translate pro-materials to standard 3dmax materials because I use Octane render (
but I do not understand the use of Multyconvertor and I can not create the bridge.
Can you help me ?


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Gustavo, many thanks for your time and effort.
I have wired conversion between finalrender material and vray material, that works good, when is 1 on 1 conversion. But when VrayMtl is inside of multisub, it doesnt convert to fR Advanced material. Plese share the instructions about your workflow, or send me at [email protected]. Just to point out that multisub material by iteself is not wired (because i like it and i dont have idea which material could be appropriate replacement for it), just fR-Advanced and VrayMtl are wired and everything works good when converting them directly (without multisub), but in multisub they remain unconverted.

Thank you.

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Multi Sub

Igamaximus, i´ve just made a conversion with multisub and worked very well. Maybe the problem is the fact that your material is wired. Can´t you make the conversion before you wire parameters?


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MultiSub material

If someone has the idea, how to force MultiSub material to convert materials in its slots (these materials are already wired), it would be nice to share the info. The convesion simply stops when it comes to multisub material, and doesnt convert materials inside.

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It´s true, but normally the

It´s true, but normally the effort pays well when you see the time you save after it´s working.

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