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Vladislav Gavrilov

MultyConvertor - allow to convert any materials, lights (objects) of any renders to any materials, lights (objects) and renders!!! It is all in one.

You can simple create *.mct (edit text file in any text editors and change extension) file for new render and facilities that support this type of rendering. See any *.mct in archive

Now you start the script and setup link properties from one render type to other. You can also use expression for translate value to other value or execute any max script expression.

For example: we have 100% value for opasity in Standart material and should be write for Vray transparent color:

[x/255.0, x/255.0, x/255.0]

x - value of Standard material opasity and result color for Vray transparent property.

Also convertor allow glboal change any parameters in scene. Simple setup the property from and to. Example:


Database saved in proplink.mcl and matlink.mcl

Be careful! The convertor is very powerful and can do many things. I do not even know all its capabilities.
V2.6 news:
- more then 700 property links
- 2012 max compatible
- add Shift+Reload database button pressed: join selected database to current

if you have new work property links, please send your database (MCLink folder) to me by e-mail (you can find it on my website). I'll update the database for all


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Help on doublesided to multi/sub-object


this script seems to be powerfull but i seem to be to stupid to use it :)
I use another script which generates double-sided materials for certain objects in the scene. unfortunately vray doesn`t render standard double-sided material correct.
So i just want to convert i.e. all double-sided materials in my scene in multi/sub-object materials,
Double-sided: facin mat > multi-sub mat id 1
Double-sided: back mat > multi-sub mat id 2

but i don`t get it to work

could someone provide me with the workflow for this ?

thanks in advance


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Also getting that error in

Also getting that error in 2012 please please fix that, i use this script every day, thank you anyway :)

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Max 2012 compatibility

Thank you once again for your valuable work Vladislav! PLEASE make the script functional in Max 2012 if you can, as soon as possible. I've tried it in Max 2012 yesterday and I'm constantly getting "Unknown system exception" error no matter what I try (converting, wiring parametars, deleting parametars, etc). It works great in Max 2010 though.

Thanks in advance!

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I had a little progress, but

I had a little progress, but not a lot.. It now converts the autodesk bitmaps to normal bitmaps, but doesn't take the actual texture with it...

Also it doesn't link the converted bitmaps to anything. I have the exact setup you told me to use now, so there must be something missing.

knipsel.jpg 83.79 KB
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Well, even after copying over your files it doesn't work. Like in the screenshot i posted, it won't show the promaterial properties, which is probably why it won't read out the values either.

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Yes i copied it over as well,

Yes i copied it over as well, this shows up as promaterials in the convert to section.. At work I did the same thing, and there it doesn't show the material properties either.

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Converting To Vray Materials

You´re welcome mdko. Have you made, or copied from my presets.rar, the ProMaterials.mct? You need this one too. I´m asking this because you only mentioned the .mcl files, so i think maybe you forgot the .mct. If you have the file, don´t know what´s hapenning; try to copy it again... I´ve just bought a new computer and haven´t installed max yet, so i can´t take a look on it right now.

Good luck

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converting to vray materials

Hey guga, thanks for all the research you did, it's gotten me pretty far! But I have a problem now: I added all the lines you pasted in my mcl files, but when I try to convert, it doesn't link anything. When I go to edit links, it doesn't show any slots on the simple adsk materials, so i can't edit those either!
Do you know what i'm doing wrong, or is this the extent to which you got the script working?

attached a screenshot..

capture.jpg 94.13 KB
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Hi Gustavo, thanks for the

Hi Gustavo,
thanks for the reply and the help.

in the past I had find a web page.... where all map slot standard<=>vray are explained. I can't find it enymore... I spent a day in time in different days to find the site but wasn't able.
again thanks

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how to convert standard layered max material into vray one

Hi Jinj, as for the layered maps you just have to connect them to a slot on a vray material, one that has the same function than the one on the original material.

The maps you want to convert from a standard material ("diffuse level", "specular color1", "specular level1") can be replaced by the "reflect", "highlight glossiness" and "Refl, Glossiness", or it´s maps, in the vray material. What i would do is set the replacement to reach in the vray material the appearance i had on the standard material. Since this results can be obtained only with reflect and refl glossiness in vray you can use only 2 maps in vray instead these 3 for the standard material...But if it´s needed you can use hilight glossiness too.

I don´t have a preset with complete conversions from standard to vray since i usaually work with promaterials copming from revit, but anyway i've attached my files here.

Hope that´s clear.

presets.rar 2.92 KB

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