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Vladislav Gavrilov

MultyConvertor - allow to convert any materials, lights (objects) of any renders to any materials, lights (objects) and renders!!! It is all in one.

You can simple create *.mct (edit text file in any text editors and change extension) file for new render and facilities that support this type of rendering. See any *.mct in archive

Now you start the script and setup link properties from one render type to other. You can also use expression for translate value to other value or execute any max script expression.

For example: we have 100% value for opasity in Standart material and should be write for Vray transparent color:

[x/255.0, x/255.0, x/255.0]

x - value of Standard material opasity and result color for Vray transparent property.

Also convertor allow glboal change any parameters in scene. Simple setup the property from and to. Example:


Database saved in proplink.mcl and matlink.mcl

Be careful! The convertor is very powerful and can do many things. I do not even know all its capabilities.
V2.6 news:
- more then 700 property links
- 2012 max compatible
- add Shift+Reload database button pressed: join selected database to current

if you have new work property links, please send your database (MCLink folder) to me by e-mail (you can find it on my website). I'll update the database for all


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Thank you!

ChukA, Thank you!

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New scene converter

A new converter is available, it convert Fstorm renderer scene to Vray and Corona...
i've found it there:

It work so well !

3di's picture

multi material

Hi, did you ever find a way to convert materials which are connected to multi subs? The method you mentioned doesnt seem to work.

Damn you computer.

3di's picture

add new renderers

Hi, thanks for the script!

How do I add new render engines and materials please?

Damn you computer.

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Material Converter v.1.24

Aqui dejo el link para convertir materiales de Vray a Mentar Ray con Material Converter v1.24

sin tantos problemas y automatico

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Problems with Metals, Lightmaterials and Glass

Converting from Vray to Scanline I have to change metals and lighting materials manualy, because they are all black ... using Max2016 and Vray 3.4

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multimaterial problem

when I import sketchup models form google warehouse, 3dsmax converts all materials to MR. I prefer to work with scanline. When converting with the script, single materials are converted well, but multi-sub materials don't convert at all.
A workaround is to activate the 'medit slots' button, but it only converts the submaterial which are active in the editor, so you have to manually click all the submaterials one-by-one, with multisub materials of sometimes 70 submaterials this is not workable.
Please does anyone experience the same problem with multi-sub materials not being converted (to scanline)?

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no corona Conversions are secure

no corona Conversions are secure

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MultyConvertor for export to unity

Hello Rob,
I have read that you have install the the script and convet your arch & design material to standart to export your project to unity...
I want to do the same thing, have tried many different settings, but i can't reach the result. all my Multi sub object doesn't convert and stay as arch and desing material...
Can you tell me the setting you have put on?

Thank you

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Vray MTL -> Arch & Design?

I try to convert Vray MTL --> Arch & Design but script creates standard max material instead of Arch&Design material. How can I fix this?

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