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Vladislav Gavrilov

MultyConvertor - allow to convert any materials, lights (objects) of any renders to any materials, lights (objects) and renders!!! It is all in one.

You can simple create *.mct (edit text file in any text editors and change extension) file for new render and facilities that support this type of rendering. See any *.mct in archive

Now you start the script and setup link properties from one render type to other. You can also use expression for translate value to other value or execute any max script expression.

For example: we have 100% value for opasity in Standart material and should be write for Vray transparent color:

[x/255.0, x/255.0, x/255.0]

x - value of Standard material opasity and result color for Vray transparent property.

Also convertor allow glboal change any parameters in scene. Simple setup the property from and to. Example:


Database saved in proplink.mcl and matlink.mcl

Be careful! The convertor is very powerful and can do many things. I do not even know all its capabilities.
V2.6 news:
- more then 700 property links
- 2012 max compatible
- add Shift+Reload database button pressed: join selected database to current

if you have new work property links, please send your database (MCLink folder) to me by e-mail (you can find it on my website). I'll update the database for all


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Illidan's picture

hmm okey the way i see it ...

hmm okey the way i see it ... it is almost imposible , or it will atleast require a lot of effort to make the script do that because maxwell is a multilayer material editor. so i guess im stuck with good old do it myself way

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@Illidan: i don´t know

i don´t know maxwell so i think i can´t help you very much. The only thing i can say is there is no maxwell to vray preset as far as i know, meaning you´ll have to do it manually. Take the post i wrote about promaterials to vray conversion and start from there. About the diffuse slot, it can be named differently in maxwell, i don´t know, but look for the property that defines the material´s main color, sometimes it can be called reflection or reflectiveness since the color of a material comes from refleted light. And don´t know any scripts that converts maxwell to vray, but never looked for them.
you´re welcome, but the credits goes to VG for writing the script, i´m just sharing my experience in using it.

Illidan's picture

So now I m standing before a

So now I m standing before a huge desision. Do it myself, all manualy or wait for a reply here. Hmmm , dont you guys at least know some other soft/script capable of doing maxwell - vray conversion ?

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Thanks a lot VG and

Thanks a lot VG and Gustavo.
I'll go to bed earlier tonight with your great job !

CG Generalist

Illidan's picture

And in addition in the

And in addition in the maxwell material rollout I dont see some crucial parts of shader like difuse slot etc etc. Is it sign that it has not been implemented yet or am i just missing something again ?

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Hi guys ... i just downloaded

Hi guys ... i just downloaded this script and it looks extremly efficient to me. However I m having some problems fully understanding it. I want to convert maxwell to v-ray. are there any presets or do I have to do all of this on my own.

guga001's picture

AK Gandhi,this is what i

AK Gandhi,this is what i did:
copied all files in zip to a folder named multyconverter inside your scripts folder, then made a .mcr inside yourmaxfolder/ui/macroscript with this lines:

MacroScript Multyconverter category:"MultyConverter" tooltip:"multi converter"
Include "$scripts/multyconverter/multyconverter.mse"

this way you can create a shortcut to the script on your interface.

about the weld script: can´t you use the weld command from the edit spline (or editable spline) tools?

Lawchin: i couldn´t read exactly what´s on the error message, looks like "no EOF function for undefined". If my reading is correct i think the script can´t find the mcl files needed to run, They should be on a folder (the same that comes with the zip file) inside the folder where the multyconverter.mse (or something like that) lies.

hope it helped.


A.K.Gandhi's picture

Hi Guys It doesn't work

Hi Guys It doesn't work please tell where to copy *.mcr files


lawchin's picture

hi again. why the script

hi again. why the script suddenly can't be run please see the error on the link below.

any new multiconverter


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Hello VG! By the way, what´s

Hello VG! By the way, what´s your name or should i call you by VG only?

I´m having some problems here which i´ll try to explain with my english that´s not so good.

I´m an architect working with Revit Architecture and 3dsmax with vray, so i´m using your script to convert promaterials to vray materials. It´s working very well, except on the cases where there´s no bitmap in a texture slot in the promaterial and, for some reason i can´t figure out, the material converts with an empty "Simple_Image_Map__Bitmap___adsk" class texture. In this case the converter applies this texture to the vray material in the slot i configured in the links. The problem is vray, or max, i don´t know, doesn´t ignore this empty texture and the material doesn´t render correctly, mainly in the cases where the texture goes to the vraymtl´s opacity slot. I´ve made a link from "Simple_Image_Map__Bitmap___adsk", in the "from:" column, to "bitmaptexture", in the "to:" column, trying to solve this. It worked but only to convert from one type to another, the resulting render it´s still wrong. Other thing i´ve noticed is that the properties of the "Simple_Image_Map__Bitmap___adsk" doesn´t appears on the properties fields, unlike the properties of the bitmaptextures.

I thought of using a expression to detect this situation and replace the empty texture with an empty slot but i couldn´t find how to do it. Could you try to explain how and where (i already know it´s in the "F" fields, but there are 4 of them) we can use expressions on your converter, with an example if possible?

Thank you.
Gustavo Mello

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