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Collaborative Copy Paste Update: Copy to Older Versions

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The Cross-Computer & Local Copy-Paste script for 3ds Max, is designed to streamline your workflow and enhance productivity. This script allows you to easily copy and paste elements between scenes on a local machine, as well as across different computers connected to the same file server and across different versions of 3ds Max.

Don't forget to share your feedback and thoughts, as your input helps improve the script further.


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Copitor allow you to quick copy/paste selected objects to another Max scene or in another Max if you have 2 3dsMax open. I also like to use it like as a "quick backup" for try something, and to be sure to loose nothing :)

Installation: Drop The file in max viewport and go to Customize ==> Customize User Interface ==> Category: zOffTy Tools ==> Copitor

Copitor installation


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ECopy is a 3DsMax script by EKDtools.
It registers in to the main menu of 3DsMax and comes with a user interface that you can go through the slots using mouse scroll.
That allows you to copy and paste in 20 different slots.
You can use this script to copy and paste objects between different files and computers on your network. This can be useful when you are working on a project that requires collaboration with other people.
ECopy also registers the timestamp of your copy with a large object centered preview and the username of the user who took the copy.


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Duplicurver is a game-changing Maxscript tool that brings the power and versatility of ZBrush's IMM (Insert Multi Mesh) Curve brush directly to Autodesk 3ds Max. This tool serves as a highly beneficial asset for artists and 3D professionals, allowing them to replicate and deform meshes along a path with unprecedented ease and efficiency.

miauu's Extended Clone Tool

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miauu's Extended Clone Tool adds new options to the standard Clone Options dialog.

The main goal - save time using these features:

- move the created objects to a new layer,

- move the created objects into existing layer

Corona Copy Material Slot

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This is only for Corona Physical Materials, i might do a legacy version later..

This script is intended to batch copy from slot to slot within the same material,

For example, you can copy a bump map to a displacement map or the diffuse map to selfillumination on multiple material at once.

you can use my other script to add some color correction with a saturation set to -1, to create bump or roughness maps from your diffuse map.

VrayMtl Copy Maps

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This script is intended to batch copy from slot to slot within the same material.

For example, you can copy the bump map to The displacement map or the diffuse map to the selfillumination map on multiple material at once.

You can copy the diffuse map to the bump or the Glossiness map and use my other script to add color correction with saturation  set to -100 and adjust other settings to fit your needs.


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MaxCopyPaste Poster

"Copy-paste on steroids" with some extra features such as clipboard history, drawing and placing objects on top of your geometry, and copying objects between 3Ds Max instances. You can choose whether to duplicate materials when you paste an object. Instancing is supported now. Return the missing functionality that makes your workflow intuitive and fast. Watch the video for more details.

Copy Paste - Objects/Materials/Modifiers

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Copy Paste is a 3ds Max tool that allows teams or individuals to copy and paste objects, materials, or modifiers across multiple instances of 3ds Max. It supports sharing these copy/paste buffers in shared locations on the network or local on your computer. The tool helps to keep everyone up to date with real time updates anytime a new copy is created or modified.


Key Transfer

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