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3DS Max Plugin - Multiple Sections

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In this video, I will present you with a new plugin I created for 3DS Max that allows the user to create multiple 2D sections on the 3 axes. The script has many options to control this operation, like the number of sections, the spacing between sections, offsetting the start of the operation, flipping the axis so that, for example, if you choose the Z axis, flipping means the creation of the sections will begin from top to bottom, also you have the option to Weld the vertices.


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SolidRocks V2.4 is out !!  Support for V-Ray 6 (hotfix 2) and  MAX 2013-2023 ! 

SolidRocks adjusts and optimise all needed Vray parameters to reach the best rendertime/quality ratio.

Learn Vray progressively, see in realtime changes made by SolidRocks when you change resolution/quality.

SolidRocks includes new tools for both VrayMasters and Beginners:

Telegram Notifications

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A script for 3Ds Max that allows you to send messages to Telegram using a special bot.

It is possible to send a message about the completion of the rendering process with sending the rendered image.

This is convenient when you need to move away from the workplace, drink coffee or take a break from work. A message in Telegram will notify you when you need to go to the computer. You can also see the render result in the notification!


Quick Clouds Generator

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QUICK CLOUDS GENERATOR is a script that is efficient in automatically creating sun/ sky & clouds in 3dsMax. It can be applied flexibly in Archviz projects while saving a lot of time for 3D Artist.

.: Compatible with 3dsMax 2018 & higher

.: Compatible with V-Ray 6 & Corona Renderer 9 & higher

.: Compatible with System Units: Millimeters, Centimeters, Meters, Inches & Feet

.: Version: 2.0

.: Author: Wuan Hyu

If you have any comments or questions, please do not hesitate contact us via email: [email protected]

We will respond as soon as possible.


© ArchvizTools


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Duplicurver is a game-changing Maxscript tool that brings the power and versatility of ZBrush's IMM (Insert Multi Mesh) Curve brush directly to Autodesk 3ds Max. This tool serves as a highly beneficial asset for artists and 3D professionals, allowing them to replicate and deform meshes along a path with unprecedented ease and efficiency.

3DS Max Plugin Update - Lights Switch V2.0

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This is an update for the plugin I wrote 6 years ago, called Lights Switch.
The reason behind the update was an e-mail from a user who had a small issue with a scene full of Cororna lights, where the script managed to turn all lights OFF, but for some reason failed to turn them ON again.
After inspecting the script, I recognized the bug and fixed it.

Basically, the script, when clicked, will go through all lights in the scene, and if any light is ON it will turn it OFF. On the other hand, if the script sees that all lights are OFF it will turn them all ON again.

Light Table

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Tool for animators to display ghosts/onionskin of selected objects, like in 2d animation software

(Inspired by TVPaint's light table)


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One-click generation of stairs

Populate Material Editor

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this script will, load selected objects materials in the chosen material editor ( slate or compact ),

there is also a "Reset Material Editor Slots" button, that clears the material editor and replace each slot by a new material of the current renderer, it works for Vray, Corona, Arnold, F-storm and Octane, else it will create some 3dsmax physical material instead.

for the Slate Material Editor , i added an option to create a new view while populating the editor , and I added  a button to delete all views.

Custom Align

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This script is intended to align objects with a given spacing. You can randomnize position and scale and choose between object center or object base, you can also align to min and max, this is especially useful for randomizing books on shelves or any similar task like populating supermarket shelves or if you have to space different size objects evenly.

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