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3DS Max Multi/Sub-Object Material Browser Script

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When dealing with various bitmaps to be applied on multiple objects (i.e large video walls), this script comes really handy. The purpose is to scroll through the Multi/Sub-Object Material diffuse bitmaps and apply on one or several objects.

Change Log:
v0.9b :

  • Bug Fix.
  • v0.9a :

  • SubObject Support.
  • Preview before applying.
  • Improved Code and functionality.
  • New features added.
  • Scripts for VrayProxy

    39 votes

    Export Mesh to VRayProxy with material.

    Create VRayProxy with material.

    Load VRayProxy Material.


    Vray mesh Export v0.9

    • Adds "Test Render" function.
    • Adds "Light Multiplayer".
    • Adds capability for saving settings the utility.

    Fixes issue with loading materials


    Matlib Render

    11 votes

    Matlib Render is a simple Script which allows you to Render a Matlib (each Material that the lib contains) into a small HTML Gallery (Thumbs).

    It is configurable (a little bit) and has some nice features (own Renderpreset, user sized Image Output .... )

    Test it and see for yourself.

    This is my first Max Script ....... :)



    282 votes

    MultyConvertor - allow to convert any materials, lights (objects) of any renders to any materials, lights (objects) and renders!!! It is all in one.

    You can simple create *.mct (edit text file in any text editors and change extension) file for new render and facilities that support this type of rendering. See any *.mct in archive

    Now you start the script and setup link properties from one render type to other. You can also use expression for translate value to other value or execute any max script expression.

    VRayMtlConverter v2.5

    149 votes

    A simple MAXScript to automate otherwise time-consuming tasks regarding converting some types of materials (currently: Standard, Raytrace, Brazil Advanced and fr-Advanced) to VRay Materials - and also fixes some parameters of materials of previous versions V-Ray (1.09.xx) in view of changes in new versions V-Ray (1.46.xx and 2.0 SP1).


    5 votes

    This one sets the Diffuse (and/or Ambient) Color of a Material to the average color value of the texture that is applied to the Diffuse Mapping Channel

    VMC (VRay Material Control)

    70 votes

    Change VRay properties en masse!


    • Sets properties on all Vray materials and maps in the Scene, Selection or Material Editor in a couple of clicks.
    • Global Subdiv Reset for getting scenes where you want them.
    • Donors get support for all Vray Cameras, Lights, Modifiers & Geometry, Bitmaps, Color Correction Map and the 3rd party maps: Color Correct, MultiTexture, MultiScatterTexture & ForestMaterial and a set of handy Power Tools:
      • Batch Mode
      • Turn all/selected lights on/off

    Project Manager

    583 votes

    Project Manager -the utility for cataloging and use 3d models,materials, IES,HDRI & etc..
    It help you with cataloging and using in your projects of a bitmaps, library of models and materials, also IES and HDRI files.
    For more convenient job with libraries all information is presented in the thumbnails view.
    The utility supports the viewing of all image formats supported by 3ds Max(Such as HDRI,EXR,TGA,PSD and more).

    Changes for Project Manager v.2.23.07:

    • Adds the ability for read/write a comments and tags for IES files and some image formats*.
    • Adds the ability for searching by comments and tags for IES files and some image formats*.
    • Adds the ability to add custom file formats for file filter on "Models" tab.
    • Removed the OBJ file format from list of formats which compatible with the Corona Proxy.
    • Fixed a minor issue when merging the model as Corona proxy.
    • Simplify the ability to add files to 'Batch Render&Relink'.
    • Fixed a issue with adding new items to 'Batch Render&Relink' from ListView.
    • Fixed a minor issue when user try save a materials from selected objects.
    • Fixed a minor issue with updating.

    * Supported formats: JPG, TIFF, PNG, PSD

    Update History for all versions.

    Asset Files

    Photo Studio Pro+ for Vray

    44 votes

    Photo Studio


    Photo Studio Pro (PS Pro) is a photographic exposure control tool for computer generated images. Since 3dsmax2016 physical camera is supported and new perspektive and DOF functions. The interface is designed to manage your exposure output. PSPro has some very special features like: realtime exposure or the simulation of the Av/Tv mode of a SLR camera. 



    10 votes

    Converts a selection of objects with materials applied to all have a single Multi/Sub-Object material with each of its sub-materials be the same materials that were formerly applied as top level materials. This script uses the Material Modifier to give each object a specific material ID#.

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