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Sweep Profile

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The new version of Sweep Profile PRO has been released

version 1.01.30

  • Adds support to 3Ds Max 2025

version 1.01.27

  • Adds the "Assign" button
  • Adds German and Japanese localizations
  • Better zooming to profile on rendering preview
  • Adds an ability to add multiple directories with profiles using the checkbox "Include Subfolders"
  • Fixes an issue with changing profile dimensions in 3ds Max 2023-2024

The main functionality of the Sweep Pro lies in its ability to offer a quick and convenient way to build architectural profiles using the Sweep modifier.

The pack includes pre-made architectural profiles (10 for the free version and 37 for PRO version), providing users with a solid base to start from.

However, the functionality doesn’t stop there; users also have the option to add new profiles from the scene or add profiles from a specific folder.

Also, the tool has a very convenient option for changing the profile size on the fly.


Polyline Pro

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Fence Generator

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Enhance your 3D modeling workflow with our Spline-to-Fence Converter tool built with Maxscript. Easily transform splines in your scene into realistic fences and posts with just a few clicks. Choose from a selection of 11 fence types tailored to your project needs, and customize specifics such as fence height, number of posts, gap between planks, and more.


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And all this works by single button

v.10.3 Fixed bug fo select similar elements
v.10.2 Added select similar elements by selected element (the number of polygons of an element is compared). Добавлено: выделение похожих элементов по выделенному элементу (сравнивается количество полигонов элемента)

Spline Indexer

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3dsMax Script for Controlling Spline Indexes inside Shape Objects.

- Works on 1 Shape at a time.

- Works on Edit Spline Modifier, but the Shape will be converted to Editable Spline.

- Works on Shape with modifiers.


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All this works by single hotkey.

Shape Vertex Aligner

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3dsMax Script for aligning shape vertices by 2 or 4 points

  • By 2 Points each vertex will be aligned depending on its segment direction.

  • By 4 Points - the first 2 Points will determine the direction.

  • with Alt Execute the vertex will be aligned perpendicularly.


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Using single one hotkey of Chamfer, works with:
Используя единственную горячую кнопку для Chamfer, работает с:
Edit_Poly: [Vertices, Edges, Faces(inset)] 
Editable_poly: [Vertices, Edges, Faces(inset)] 
Edit_mesh: [Vertices, Edges] 
Editable_mesh: [Vertices, Edges] 
Edit_Spline: [knots (Fillet), 
Spline sub-obj (Outline)] 
SplineShape: [knots (Fillet), Spline sub-obj (Outline)] 
line: [knots (Fillet), 
Spline sub-obj (Outline)] 

miauu's Quick Spline Measure

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miauu's Quick Spline Measure allows you to quickly measure:


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 3dsMax Script for Creating Tween Curves from Shapes or Surface and Creating Sections from Geometry.

Thanks to JokerMartini.

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