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AUTOCAT 3DSMAX 2022_2023

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Update of the mixamo's "AUTOCAT" tool for max versions 2022-2023. The scripts are not tested with other max versions but there should work with max versions up to 2014.

Make sure that your "bones" are imported as helpers.

Mixamo reserves the copyright of the scripts. This was created for self-improvement purposes on maxscript.


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Bbvbb's "Tools Series" for 3dsMax tools.This MAXScript will help you randomly move the vertices of editable poly in 3dsMax.


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The BlockRender one click region rendering plug-in, allows you to customize region rendering and view the results directly in the viewport, and save the rendered image automatically or manually.


[Main Functions]

--Customize region rendering and view results directly in viewports

--Automatic and manual image saving

sorry!I don't know where the script of the plug-in is. It will be uploaded later.


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The 2DExtruder random extrusion plug-in is a MAXScript script that can randomly extrude the thickness of multiple selected spline shapes, and also set simple growth animation.

Main features


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MAXScript for build Chinese Knot model.

Selection Manager (speed up you work in scene)

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J Selection Manager

designed for speed up your work by optimizing the selection of objects and hiding/showing groups of objects


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3dsmax one click soft package modeling script plug-in.

At present, this is still a paid script. Please forgive me for not being able to download it here.


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v3.04 Fixed detach in Edit_Poly modifier
Исправлен детач в модификаторе Edip_Poly

Using single hotkey for Attach/Detach
Используя единственную горячую кнопку для Attach/Detach

Align Modifier

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Wirecolor Tools

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