Bad Map Finder

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Bad Map Finder searches through your scene and finds maps and materials that are incompatible with 3rd party renderers like Vray and Brazil. Bad maps and materials from older objects cause most of our network render failures - and this allows you to kill them off quickly.

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Currently finds:

Raytrace - flat mirror and reflect/refract maps (Bad Maps)
Raytrace and Advanced Lighting Override materials (Bad Mats)
All Brazil 1.2 material types (Brazil)
All Vray 1.4 material types (Vray)

All offending maps and mats found will be listed in the listener window - and also displayed in the material editor. Best workflow is to hit reset material editor slots in the Utilities menu - run the script - materials will be loaded into the editor. Fix those that need fixing - and then choose restore material editor slots to get your materials back.

Note that if you have instances of a material - (inside a multi-sub - for example) it will be displayed twice - you only need to fix it once. Requires max7 or later.

Installation Instructions
- Standard Maxsripts (.ms) can be run from the Maxscript button in the utilities panel. To have them always available - save the scripts into your maxrootscriptsstartup directory.

- Macroscripts (.mcr) should be placed in maxrootUIMacroscripts - and are then accessed through the 'Customise User Interface' menu in 3dsmax. You can then assign the script to a keystroke - or a button. All macroscripts will appear under the 'Dusk' category in the dropdown.

Version Requirement: 
8; 7
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