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3DSMax Script for Importing Selected Type Files from Folder +Subfolders and Save them as Max Files +Version ,

with Option to Grab Viewport Preview .


  • When Importing Files the Default Import Setting will be Used , to change this settings do 1 normal import , All changes will be used as Default by the Script . 
  • New Folder "Max" will be created in converted folder containing the max files . 
  • "All" in Import List is for all Listed Types .

UPDATE v.2 :

  • Multi Functionality : Import/Export | Import/Save as | Open/Export | Open/Save as

  • You can open Max/Mat Files and save them to Older Version .

  • Option to Run MS/MSE Scripts (In Order) Before Output Process .

NOTE : I didn't do Heavy test , so the script may fail in some cases  , Please Report if any .

UPDATE v.2.1 :

  • Some Fixes and Improvement .
  • Saving Material Libraries to Lower Version Fixed .


  1. Open Higher Max Version and Run the Script .

  2. Add Matlibs Path and Do Convert (Input: Open-MAT , Output: Save Max - Lower Version) .

  3. Open Lower Max Version and Run the Script .

  4. Add Matlibs Path and Do Convert (Input: Open-MAX , Output: Save Mat - Current Version) .

UPDATE v.2.2 :

  • Add Checkbox to convert poly objects to mesh when using max 2021+ and saving max files to previous versions , OR the poly objects may get vertex distortion .