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Creates a few primatives I've wanted in the past.

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For a max 5 - 4.2 version of this script - please download Use the original if you want only max 4.2 compatibility.

Update 1.41: Replaced all references to Selection $ with i. Script now gives objects a unique name after creation. Now if you're in the modify panel when you run this script - it will automatically switch to create mode - to avoid several command panel redraws during the creation process.

Installation (READ CAREFULLY or the scripts may not run properly):

Pick the script pack for the version of max you're running.

Although there's a large list of available scripts - you will notice there is only a single downloadable file - A lot of the BlurScripts rely on each other to function properly - and I just don't have time to break up each script into its own little zip - so I'm releasing script updates in Pack form. All you have to do is download the zip - then extract then into your 3dsmax root directory - for example - c:3dsmax - make sure you have recurse subdirectories on. The zip will then install a bunch of files and directories - here's a short list of what it will install assuming your max root directory is c:3dsmax

- c:3dsmaxscriptsBlurScripts: This will contain all the scripts themselves.
- c:3dsmaxscriptsBlurMats: A series of materials required by many scripts.
- c:3dsmaxscriptsstartup: 1 file will be added to this directory - BSStartup. Loads scripted plugins.
- c:3dsmaxuiicons: Adds 4 icon images - which are the icons for the macroscript versions of the blurscripts.
- c:3dsmaxuimacroscripts: 1 file is added called BlurScripts.mcr. The file is a set of pointers to the scriptslurscripts directory. IE - if you delete the blurscripts directory - this macroscript file will not be able to find any of the scripts - and all your blurscript icons will not work.

To uninstall the blurscript pack - just delete all the files mentioned above. To install a new updated pack - just download the new zip and unzip them again into your 3dsmax directory - saying overwrite current files. Feel free to install only certain scripts if you wish - but do so at your own risk - and don't ask us how to go about doing it. Packs are a complete install - so there's no need to download all the Packs - just the most recent one. To actually use these scripts in the max interface - please consult your 3dsmax manual - all scripts can be run either through the maxscript run script menu at the top of the screen - or by customizing your toolbars - keyboard or quadmenu in Customize - Customize User Interface. The category name is BlurScripts.

Lastly - some of these scripts require a few third party plugins in order to work. To have everything work properly - please install the required plugins listed in the table below. If you don't - most of the scripts will still run - but a few won't.

Trouble Shooting:

If you're getting errors when starting these scripts - please try answering the following questions...

1) Are all the scripts in the directories listed above?
2) Have all scripts listed in the Files To Delete section below been deleted?
3) Go to configure paths - is your default script directory maxrootscripts?
4) Is your default scripts startup directory maxrootscriptsstartup?
5) Did you install the blurpack appropriate for the version of max I'm running?

Files To Delete:

If you've installed previous BSPacks - and are now installing a new one - you may wish to check to make sure all of the following previous BlurScript files have been deleted (all assuming your 3dsmax directory is c:3dsmax)...

Version Requirement: 
7; 6
Other Software Required: 
<a href=''>Solidify</a>
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