Bone Name Switcheroo! (DAZ 3D to MotionBuilder)

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*My first script so be nice, please. :)*

Not an incredibly complex script, but useful nonetheless and, shortly, I'll put out alternate versions depending on the software package used.

For those who use DAZ 3D Studio to transfer models and bones to max and then need the model for MotionBuilder, you know your bones need to be re-named for proper character definitions during the characterization phase in MB. Click n' drop and/or manually assigning the right names to MB could be a tedious process.

Well, here's Bone Name Switcheroo! Just a small script to shave off a little bit of your time. Simply run the script, or drop it into your 3DS Max interface, and when you get the 'All Done' box, it's done!

This is what it looks like PRIOR to using the script. Typical bone name assignment from a DAZ 3D model:

This is what it looks like AFTER using the script. Bone names changed properly to be exported to MotionBuilder for swift and easy characterization.

Additional Info: 

*Note: Naturally, this is designed for a simple biped character. Extra bones or an animal-like model will not be assigned new names unless they have the same titles. As of version 1.0, two bones (pectorials) are not assigned. Once I figure out what part of the MB structure could use those two bones, I'll update.

The script obviously looks for DAZ 3D bones name structure. Using the script on an empty screen or another bone name structure will produce errors.

Future Thingy's: Working on a Poser Bone Name version next.

Any suggestions gladly accepted.

Version Requirement: 
3ds Max 2011 to current
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