Bone on spline

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Animates bone spline. It will be useful when the animation: worm, snake, or something like that.

-- Update version 1.1
- Now you can change path every time
- Add "Update end frame"
- Minor fixes and improvements

-- Update version 1.2
- Fixed flip bones
- Change to IK

-- Update version 1.3
- Add Bake animation

--Update version 1.4
- Now you can to use objects(geometry)
- Add custom attr for plugin on "Controller animation"
like a "Twist" and "Hold and move anchor"
- Add aling by normal spline (for objects only)

--Update version 1.4.1
- Add LookAt axis
- fix Twist
- Now you can change any parameters everytime without script (in Controller object(head object))
-Add Slide of selection object

--Update version 1.5
- New algorithm without LookAt(for bones) faste on 60%
- Fixed Twist and flip bones
- Fixed shake after bake
- New Bake faster on 75%

--Update version 1.5.1
-Add Gear move function for Objects

3ds max 2014-2016

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3ds max 2014-2016
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