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Ricardo Sánchez

Bones Editor

It's really useful for managing Bones.

Now, it's not necessary to select every bone in the scene for changing Fins sizes and size of the bone. And now it's possible to change the name of a Bone and all of its children with few steps, MUCH FASTER

This is my first script.

It's just necessary to load the script and execute it.

Name: For changing the name of a chain of bones, we have to write the name of all of them in this box with one word. And this symbols   $ # ?

$ is for placing the old name in the new one.
# is for numbering.
? is for writing extra information or unique names to the bone.

For example:

If we have a simple line of bones and we select the parent of them and we want to recall them with names like “Leg01”, “Leg02”, and “Leg03”. We should write Leg# in the text area Name: and press Apply. And it’s all; we have done that faster than a manual way.

And now; we want to add more information to the bone like “Leg01Main”, “Leg02Son”, and “Leg03Grandson”. We should write Leg#? In the box Name: and Main,Son,Granson in Unique names.

And $ is really useful for chains in chains as we can see in the picture. We can have names like “Arm03Hand01Main” The process is similar, but after rename the whole chain with Arm# we have to select the main bone of the hand (which is not the main bone of the chain). And rename it with $Hand#?

You can use them as you want. “Bone#$?bone”, “#Hand$”…

As you can see, this part of the script will be really useful; you won’t need to spend time renaming bones one by one. And nobody likes to open a scene with objects called “Bone01”, “Bone03”, “Bone56”…

After renaming all the bones in the chain as we want, write $ in the Name: is a good idea for not replacing the names with garbage. And now we can work with Fins and sizes.

Like in manually way, we have to activate fins (With the script). And after that the size of the fins should be specified.  You can see a “% Final” after every Element, this is for making not constant sizes. For example: Side Fins 10.0 and %Final 25 with 4 elements, after applying the fins of the first will be 10.0 and the second’s fins will be 7.5, the third will be 5.0 and the last will be 2.5. (If you want that every bones in the chain have the same size, you should write 100 in % Final)


And it’s the same for Width, Height and Taper.

The color gradient was made with Bones Tool included in Max

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