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Bookscatter v0.5

Here is a script i started writing for a project i am working on.

Its in the early stages of development, but since it works ok in the tests i did  i decided to share it with you so i can get some feedback. Right now the script is encrypted but i will release it under GNU GPL license when i finish it.

Also keep in mind that the script does not contain or create any book 3d models or shelves/bookcases. It assumes you already have the book 3d models and you want to save time scattering them in shelves, bookcases etc..

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. So please save your work before trying it and report any issues so i can look into them when i have the time!

Version 0.5 out some of the changes in the image bellow.

version 0.5 additions


Additional Info: 

For the download link and installation guide visit my website from the link bellow.


Edit3: New version available 0.5 with many fixes and additions.

Edit2: Chenged the integer input to float.

Edit: Added a small image tutorial, you will find it in the download page.


Version Requirement: 
Tested on 3dsMax 2012 but i guess it should work in all the latest 3dsMax versions


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Update 0.5

New update available, waiting for your ideas and feedback ;)

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Noted, ill add it in the next version ;)

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Great script, thanks!

An option to add some random depth variation would be lovely.

Keep it up!

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this look´s damn promising! can´t wait for it, as i´m working on a library project...:)

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New version coming soon

Since many people found the script usefull i havent stoped working on it. New version with more features will be available soon. Work in progress image...

Bookscatter v0.4 preview

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Thank you, I really need this

Thank you for sharing these!!!!

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Oops sorry for that, fixed it, just redownload ;)
Now you can enter float numbers.

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Good one, but :
Seems that your script only works in cm...
It would be more user friendly to have scene unit synchro or allow to type decimal values (impossible to enter 0.1 m)

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we will be waiting... lol

we will be waiting... lol
3d Artist  

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Yeah i saw that, it has some very cool features.
In my next version ill try to implement the books sliding on the end and start of each row and also the stacked books in horizontal position one on top of the other.

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