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A script for 'breaking' edges. Work only on editable poly. Select some edges end then push the brake button. It will make some holes on the edges. There are options to define the min and max range for the random function for the depth and the base of the holes and the position of the hole on the edge.

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I put an option for welding the new points - but usualy you won't need it. Specialy if you do not chage the 'n' parameter which is for the numer of holes on each edge. I would'n suggest you to increase it but you can experiment with it. Also there is an info bar for the min - max and average length of the selected edges so you can easyly set the needed parameters for the base and depth of the holes. For example if the average edge length is 20. and you set the base of the hole to be 5 - 10 the maximum base of a hole will be half of the average edge will get it :)


You can find the script in 'Blago Script' category

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