Bunch of utilities for CAT rigs to Cryengine and other game asset export functions

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Danny Man

Read the text files in the zip for install and uninstall.

Read the change notes for new features.

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03. August 2018
CRYENGINE 3ds Max Utilities, (ceMaxUtils) v0.95b, bug-fixs & enhancements:

- Modified installation batch script: Only one install and one uninstall script file.
- Added a setup maxscript for anyone without Admin rights to run "*.bat" files.
- moved the former PhysMesh creation functions for CAT rigs to "CAT" section, new PhysMesh can be
applied to rigs in general
- some UI changes and smaller bug fixes

"Anim" section:
- Added a bug fix for animations with keys not baked to every frame. This causes "Reorient global
animation direction" to
make "jumps" in rotation and translation.
- Added the missing "UpAxis rotation extraction" to the "forward - " and "sideward" translation
extraction to a root node.
- re-integrated the former Euler curve filter based on Michael Comet's code.
- fixed: after motion extraction from pelvis to the root node, the animation sometimes does not
start in origin.
- added a right mouse-click function for the "<=" buttons to look for filtered nodes

"Export" section:
- custom export folders can now be selected, need not to be the same folder or subfolder of the max
source file
- export CRYENGINE native files: .CGF, .CHR, .SKIN, .I_CAF
- export folder presets(experimental, as GameSDK folder is not longer standard, but the "Asset"

"Misc" section:
- Added a scaling and constraint option for the Point & GeoTripod helper. This will help visualizing
any local orientation axis problem of skeleton joints or nodes.

"PhysMesh" section:
- Added automated creation of PhysMesh(collision proxies for character skeletons): by single or all
skin bones
Currently: it uses several methods(and their combination) to determine the size of the
- by skin vertes weighted to the bone ( if there is any)
- by bone length to children
- by casting rays to the skin mesh and the resulting distance

"Rig" section:
- Added an LOD generator function for skinned (character) meshes with various options. It uses
ProOptimizer and SkinWrap modifier.

NEW "AnimBatch" section:
- This is for animation batching, using a clean MAX Rig file and load FBX animations onto the rig
and apply "reorient animation" and "global motion extraction to root" functions and export to

19. June 2018
CRYENGINE 3ds Max Utilities, (ceMaxUtils) v0.94.1b, bug-fixs & enhancements:

- moved all export functions from "Anim" to "Export" section
- fixed the version confusion in "About", added credits to the testers
- some smaller updates & bugfixes

12. June 2018
CRYENGINE 3ds Max Utilities, (ceMaxUtils) v0.94b, bug-fixs & enhancements:

- added an "Anim" section
- general bone skeleton:
- reorient skinned character mesh
- reorient any global motion of standard MaxBone/node skeleton hierarchies
- extract motion from one bone to a global transform root
- create light dome function, just in case, if you want to use an oldschool 500+ spot lights
distributed on a dome shape.
- added Rig function: bake animation to a duplicated hierarchy of different node types.
- CAT rig/skeletons: selectively extract pelvis bone global motion(translation and rotation) and
retarget motion to a
skeleton root node
- .fbx import/export with CAT animation layer system (tested with CRYENGINE, Lumberyard, Unreal)
- selective CRYENGINE .i_caf export from CAT animation layer list, renaming, etc.
- code reorganisation: most functions are now encapsulated in structs
- UI rework: slowly migrating to some newer UI frameworks (dotNet Windows Forms and later Qt)
- added progressBar for long operations, f.g. the detach/attach all meshes, baking maps, vertex
color ops, etc.
- speed up the mass attach function, but kept "linear attach" for baking maps with post-merge of
hi/lowpoly meshes
- fix and speed up detach all elements, added progressBar
- fast bake normal map workflow by only selecting two nodes or two layers containg the high poly
& low poly meshes
- exclusive display of baking objects and its undo operation
- bake transformation from source to target node
- a start color can be defined when apply vertex colors. Former behavior was using black implicitly
- switched to floating point color values when calculating vertex colors
- combine two normal maps with weights, correctly using vectors
- compose texture maps functions added using different blending methods
- added functions in Inspect section inside the group "Find Bad Polygons":
- calculate the trianglulated mesh total surface area, the minimum & maximum triangle area with
its triangle ID and its average triangle area
- find zero area triangles (which are below an area threshold) in an Editable_Poly geometry
- find thin/skinny triangles with an angle threshold (pointy angle in a triangle)
- find thin/skinny triangles where the shortest edge is under a relative length threshold
- find ngons
- "Display Selected Poly Components(Verts(MapVerts/Edges/Faces) Only" works with an Editable_Poly
which has an Edit_Poly modifier on top of its stack and iwhenyou have the Modify Panel active.
- Added Display Material ID to Inspect section button
- Added Display Smoothing Group to Inspect section button
- Fixed: frame animation length sometimes uses ticks instead of frames causing the time line to
freeze the whole scene
- Fixed a bug in "unhide selection" if node is hidden under a layer
- bug fix for 3ds Max 2017: flipped faces after a "Combine All Selected Meshes"
- added function to "Misc" section:
- Fast import/export as .OBJ for ZBrush or any 3d program that can read .obj files with
standard folder and file name
- Detach Geometry to Layers by Material ID is now working
- added install/uninstall batch file for 3ds max 2018 & 2019
- added beta function for CRYENGINE .mtl file creation right from Max
- several bug fixes

12. April 2017
CRYENGINE 3ds Max Utilities, (ceMaxUtils) v0.91, bug-fixs & enhancements:

- added display "Viewport Polygon Stats" On/Off button
- support of Vertex Alpha & Illumination map channel when applying vertex colors
- added button: Invert colors of the Vertex Color/Alpha/Illumination map channel
- some small bug fixes

21. March 2017
CRYENGINE 3ds Max Utilities, (ceMaxUtils) v0.9, initial release:

- first public release in CRYENGINE Marketplace webpage


Known issues:
- GUI needs an overhaul as Max has switched to Qt especially for display resolutions > 1920x1080
- there seems to be some peculiarities between 3ds Max 2016 and Max 2017(and maybe later?) when
handling with polys. I stumbled upon some flipped normals etc. using these tools.
I only tested them with Max 2016 thoroughly.
- Hitting the "?" help button repeatedly will create a new help text box without destroying any
existing help text box.
- crash of 3ds Max when using ceMaxUtils CAT functionality and loading a new Max scene file
- random 3ds Max viewport redraw lagging in ceMaxUtils.

Workaround: Don't click & drag new CAT rigs into viewport with the ceMaxUtils' CAT events
handling checkbox activated!

Version Requirement: 
3ds Max 2014 - 2019
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