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Vahid Najafi


Catalyst version 3.0.0 installable on 3ds Max 2011 or higher versions and Vray plug-in version 3.0 and lower versions

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The catalyst program  is a plug-in to speed up the render in 3ds Max. Optimizing the Vray renderer settings this plug-in is able to speed up render 5 to 10 times. This plug- in can be used particularly in test renders. As we know, we need repeatedly test render to change the lighting and materials, etc to get an image output in 3ds Max environment, so that a professional output is obtained. This software helps you to get high-speed rendering and get the desired result in less time. Despite the simplicity of the software, it has professional render settings for vray renderer that professional people can easily save favorite settings and use default settings.


Among the characteristics of this software are as follows:

- Increasing render speed of Vrar renderer.

- It can be installed on 3ds Max program  version 2011 and higher versions.

- It can be used in Vray renderer engine version 3 and lower versions.

- It has adjustability feature and modifies all settings of catalyst feature.

- Small user environment to avoid non-occupation of Viewport environment.

- The possibility of automatically removing all materials having RayTrace within materials and Multi-material.

- The possibility of quickly modifying all subdivs of Vray material in reflection and refraction section.

- The possibility of disabling Use Interpolation of all materials contained in the scene.

- It has Show Last button to display the last taken render in the VRay frame buffer.

- Automatic switch on the VRay frame buffer.

- The possibility of turning on and off VrayFur or Hair & Fur modifier in all objects in the scene.

- The possibility of hiding objects behind the scene to reduce used memory space (RAM) (especially on external scenes).

- Modifying VRay render setting to user default settings when  user saves the file or when file is saved automatically by 3ds Max.

- Auto close of program when new file is opened or when new settings of render are loaded to prevent user error.

- The possibility of using it in animation renders.

- Easy to install.

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Version Requirement: 
3Ds Max 2011 and Higher
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