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0.1 beta
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I’m developing a script to make it possible to control a character and also to have a pose library for it. All this is based on a study created by a Brazilian animator named Marcelo Ortiz. He created his character control with XSI and I’ve been trying to do it with 3ds Max. As a matter of fact - the character I’m using was also created by him and he was kind to let me use it on my studies.

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Here are a few screenshots of the script for 3ds Max: screenshot 1 - screenshot 2 - screenshot 3 - screenshot 4 - screenshot 5

Click here to see the Video Demontration of the script/interface

Download the Script

To use - you have to unzip this archive into the script folder - located in
3ds Max’s root - and then run the file through the menu “max script /
run script”.

Download the MAX file - it's necessary to see this working.

I didn’t get to far down into facial controls - with was the main reason why I
started this exercise. The thing is that I’m still having trouble with the
reaction manager - the scripts floating window and also testing other
possibilities to see which is the best way to link objects with morph targets
and bones. I’m just releasing the .max file so that the interface can be
tested - ok?!

Well… let me explain a little bit about the interface - cause I still haven’t
translated it to English. I’ll to that as soon as I have everything working

I’ve organized it like this:

The first tab has the controls to select - hide/unhide - turn on/off IK… the
characters bones and helpers.

The cool thing about this screen is that you will be able to work with all
the character’s bones and control objects hidden - so this way you have a clean
view port and not having to worry about zooming in and out or changing the
view’s angle to select small objects.

The second tab is the library (face - body - left and right hands). There - you
can load (clicking on top of the image) - save and delete a pose.

The third tab is to mirror. But it’s still under construction =p

So I guess that it! This script is still in testing and developing stage. So
if you find a glitches - bugs - whatever… or have any suggestion to improve it -
please email me. I’d really appreciate your feedback!!

PS1: The character’s skin is not in its finest tuning... I’ll fix it as soon as
I have some spare time. =p

PS2: Thanks to Priscilla (Bibinha) and Patrick (D-3) that are helping me
with my English.

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